Sexy shoe ads step in it


Sexy shoe ads step in it


No, this time it is not the by-now-infamous Puma ads, it's Patrick Cox who are in trouble - and not because of their name.

click read more to see their ad, which Patrick Cox thought was "less overtly sexual than other advertising in the same issue" - and the publisher of I-D magazine agreed with them.

Advertising watchdogs have banned a magazine advert for Patrick Cox shoes after a reader complained it appeared to depict an "act of buggery".

The image of the ad show two men, apparantly wrestling. or something.

The advertising standards authority said the advert, which showed a semi-naked man crouching against a second man with his head between his legs, was likely to cause serious offence and ordered the company not so use it again.

Patrick Cox described the advert, which appeared in the style magazine i-D, as "colourful, fun and beautiful". according to the Guardian today.


From the article: "The company pointed out that both models were wearing jockstraps, which "made penetrative intercourse impossible" and were pictured in a gym."

So...guys wrestle in gyms with jockstraps? That's new to me.

well they don't wrestle nekkid! that would be.. gay or something. ;)

The woman in that ad just seems sort of out of place with the other action taking place...although she does appear to be nude too...expect for the shoes. Maybe it's those shoes that are keeping her from wrestling with the blokes. But, there's just something off about the position of the feet or something, like she's jumping or on tiptoe...any ideas?

if it's a gym, she jumping rope in a miniskirt. the jumprope is currently above her head....


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