That shameless Hummer kid!


That shameless Hummer kid!


Another from Slate on the new Hummer ad:

"This is an incredibly well made ad. I hate it."

"Conclusion: The Hummer kid hoards earth's precious resources, sating his own vanity at the expense of less fortunate, voiceless members of society."

"Of course, some will love the shameless Hummer kid and his take-no-prisoners, win-at-all-costs individualism. Not coincidentally, these are the sort of people who buy Hummers. It would make no sense for the company to aim this spot at folks craving a quiet, go-along-get-along image, because those people aren't buying 40-ton cars. The Hummer kid is a me-first kid, and the Hummer is without doubt a me-first vehicle."

Should ad makers be responsible for the ethical implications of an ad? Should car makers be responsible for the ethical implications of their product? Should car buyers be responsible for the ethical implications of their car?

The ad can be viewed at hummers site or right here in nice Quicktime format when you are a super adgrunt.


This is hilarious.

Happy jack, of all the songs to choose. Isn't that song about a paedophile that lives at Isle of Man?

Assholes Wanted would have been a more appropriate tagline for this lamentable vehicle...

This is absolute crap.
It's horribly sweet and the punch has been given away after 20 seconds. Then you just have to watch 40 seconds where nothing exciting happens. It is a very small idea, perhaps suitable for print. No way you can make this into a 60 second commercial. And obviously they couldn't.

nonono, the song was about beastiality... ;)

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