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Here's a cute touch, in the latest shots update email, they quote popbitch as if it was a reliable source. I'm not saying that it isn't. I'm just saying.. quoted popbitch! Dude!

It looked a little like this:

Cult UK record industry website popbitch has fanned rumours that Jake &
Jim's latest promo for former Spice Girl Geri Halliwell single It's Raining
Men featured a body double and vigorous post-production. The website alleged
that its spies had overseen Geri's head being spliced onto dancers' bodies
in the edit suite. The vitriolic site's newsletter revealed that: "In a
video post-production studio in Soho, a few weeks ago, technicians were
spotted editing Geri Halliwell's It's Raining Men video. Their work
consisted of painstakingly superimposing Geri's head onto a (proper)
dancer's body, frame by frame." After ongoing allegations and record label
denials, a follow-up story this week revealed a volte-face: "Geri Halliwell
has finally admitted that she did use a dancing double during the
"Flashdance" part of the It's Raining Men video. She reportedly had seven
stand-ins, including a male breakdancer who did the body-popping. Here at
popbitch we wholeheartedly support the tireless work of the men and women
who airbrush and digitally manipulate celeb images in magazines, films and
videos. Hey - it's better than looking at the real thing."

Jake & Jim have kept mum throughout. End quoting from

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