Silent september 11?

Will Sept. 11 offer a day free from TV ads? Probably.
Is this a move from advertisers to share in the grief? Not at all.
The advertisers worry that the viewers might think them tactless for advertising their wares on a most solemn occasion, and thus they won't send Dell Boy out to hawk computers.

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according to a wall street journal article written by Suzanne Vranica and Emily Nelson, the television networks "are planning elaborate programming marathons to commemorate" the victims of last year's terrorist attack.

Watching towers fall in slow motion , just to break and have bouncy Dell Boy or Quizno's dangerous toast-testers, or for that matter, and humorus, quirky ad not clad in a black memorial band will simply just look bad on the advertiser.

Bud could pull out their fantastic horses again that bow to the new york skyline.

In the opinion Journal - Fear Factor figures "No TV ads this Sept. 11? It's self-indulgent symbolism."

Here you have companies--some of them pillars of the economy--saying, in effect, that there is something inherently vulgar about commerce, perhaps even sacrilegious.

author Tunku Varadjan soon reaches the correct conclusion: not showing ads on sept 11 is not "not reverence for the occasion, but a fear that ads would harm their commercial prospects."

it's a no brainer.

Commercial free day on September 11 would not harm the advertisers, but the networks who will loose a major source of income. The ads in the spirit of the bud bow that do air on that day, are the advertisers with a social conscious, with this much leeway any advertiser with a half-assed agency and a good solid advertising base can make a more appropriate ad for that specific day.

and by appropriate, we mean that bud bow. Not any of the radio shack 'build a better america' bad taste patriotic bull spewed out by expensive actors and actresses. That is far more offending.

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