"Simone" the digital star

High definition Cinematogropher Derek Grover lenses Al Pacino - Starrer, "SIMONE" in new 24P HiDef format.

With a host of scenes from New Line Cinema's film lensed in 24p High Definition, "Simone" is one of the first major motion pictures employing digital elements via the new Sony / Panavision HDW-F900 HDCAM.
"Simone", which also stars Catherine Keener and a "top secret" actress playing Simone, for writer/director Andrew Niccol, centers around a Hollywood producer (Pacino) who decides to digitally create an actress when a star walks off his picture. The "actress," who everyone thinks is a real person, becomes an overnight sensation.
The irony is - this script was cooked up during that infamous SAG strike....
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