Simpsons typeface and assorted linkage.

We love the Simpsons. The Simpsons typeface, not so much. But it'll be perfect for writing angry notes to hang in the office kitchen saying stuff like "put your mug away Marge doesn't work here" and for the required "???? PROFIT" at the end of our business plan presentations.

Sh*t The Creative Director/CEO/Account Guy/Client/Intern Says is a really good way to get an ad agency near you to consider banning facebook during office hours. Where are your timesheets?

Stop giving it away for free and start creating brand value instead is worth a read:

We don't need four dozen new ways to hand out coupons. We need ways to mitigate the need for distributing any coupons at all. Good marketing increases value, not decreases it.

Nike iD has a time-lapse video of the crowdsourced (via facebook, of course) most "liked" design, created in the Nike ID facebook app. Model & blogger Christel Winther had her winning shoe design painted by graffiti painters on a highstreet billboard. Ad agency: Naked Communications.

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