SinkYaDrink and the spam they generate.


SinkYaDrink and the spam they generate.


With this I would like to apologize to all the webheads who might have followed my link to the SinkYaDrink back in June while I was guestblogging at As I'm a paranoid webhead I did enter the competition after sinking several hundred drinks, and let the site know who I was by filling in a false email "drink" at one of my domains, and real name.
Naturally I didn't win anything, I fear my few hundred drinks record was beat within hours, what a shame. But I did win some SPAM! Yes! Spam! It seems have no qualms about selling email addies gathered via their games to spammers as these days, six months later, that "drink" email I only used on their site is getting lots of offers like cashing chips with the gaming club from [email protected] which doesn't interest me in the least. Shame on preloaded, but I can't say that I'm surprised, it seems that all the fun games and competitions lately are just a way to gather fresh emails.


Did they pick the wrong person to spam ;-)

Ptjaaaa (swedish untranslatable noise). Well I gotta shut down that account now as it's been flooded today with Spam from and all sorts of chips/games/poker crap.

So listen up people do not give your real email to anything that Preloaded created effing spam-sickos. In fact, don't even bother to play their games.

Lol... 10 years later and i'm still getting spam at a throwaway emailadress i created for sinkyadrink...

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