Sith Sense, can you stump Darth Vader with 20 questions?

When CP&B sent us the BK link Sith Sense and it roamed adlist last Tuesday, we were highly amused by it, and a tad dissapointed that the site was so swamped that it could barely respond. Mucho popular viral from the get-go. When the "service unavailable" messages calmed down our troop of testers managed to challenge Vader. John said "For me, Darth froze on question 12, "does it have a hard outer shell?" So the evil one never guessed I was thinking of Pez dispensers." Abbey managed to go all the way through and stumped Darth with thinking of a coffee cup. Not just any old coffee cup..... Now that traffic is a bit better, you go ahead and try, see if you can outwit the evil one. For old school internet nerds, yes it's that classic twenty questions game, just dressed up in flash.