six feet under poster banned


six feet under poster banned


Advertising posters for US drama "Six Feet Under" have been banned.

Depicting corpses the posters sold luxury to die for , embalming fluid and wound filler presented the same way luxury perfumes. The ads parody cosmetics adverts.

The body copy carries on to say that the items are available from Fisher & Sons funeral home - the name of the fictional funeral home in the show.

The Advertising Standards Authority received nine complaints from people upset by the corpses advertising funeral products.

count'em, nine.


On the upside, she looks like a cheap date...

"Hey baby. Why so blue?"
"Giving me the cold shoulder, eh?"
"Wow. You must be the quiet type."
"You're definitely not like the other girls."
"I love you."
"You're abosolutely right. Less talk. More action."

"Hoowee! And here I thought I was the stiff one!"

Don't forget to play Tom Petty's Last Dance With Mary Jane to get her in the mood.

Hey, necrophiliacs need love too.

I can't believe some people were offended by these ads.....if the models were really dead, well, yeah...

I think they're really creative.

The site really had some people going - that was the funny part. "Don't wory m'friend, it is only an ad, not for the wond filler but for the TVshow!"
I'm so glad i finally got to see it (on swedish telly) - I had heard so much about it, and yep, it's a good show.

That site is great! It really had me going for a while....

For a dose of relatively tasteful but mildly macabre reality, go Derma Pro Mortuary Cosmetics to see a legit biz in the trade. For a dose of tacky reality, go to ESCO - The Embalmers' Supply Company, but beware of the tacky midi and web design. And for a dose of absolutely disturbing reality, go to Snyders Embalming and see a business approach that truly defies description. The Six Feet Under site is a class act by comparison.

Does the Advertising Standards Authority ban an ad if only one person complains too?

"If someone complains about an ad in the woods, does the ASA hear it?" ;-)

Dunno - I'm putting it to the test by complaining to Sloggy about them huge-ass ass posters I keep cringing at.

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