Sixth foot found and CNN banner ad steps in it.


Sixth foot found and CNN banner ad steps in it.


Ah, I do love when banner ads go bad - even in such morbid cases as this one. CNN reports that the Sixth severed foot surfaces off Canadian coast and the banner ad adds some unintentional visual humor to it.

the Guardian channeled the Sun and issued a pun headline: Six feet under.
larger image here if you must


Soon someone will come clean and admit it's an ambient stunt for a footwear company.


I've been waiting for that other shoe to drop since the third foot was found.

I was never one to have an original thought on a Monday. :)

Actually, you could probably say the same for Tuesday to Sunday, too!

The latest found foot, referenced above, has been determined to be a hoax! A "skeletonized animal paw" had been placed in a sock and athletic shoe that was packed with dried seaweed, the British Columbia Coroners Service announced. "

Curious that the fifth foot was a left foot, whereas the others were all right feet. Because of the bouancy of the shoes, they can go for miles in a current - possibly over a thousand milles. Because of the differences in how the shoe and foot combo present themselves to the current, right feet tend to congregate with right feet, and left feet with left feet - often hundreds of miles apart from each other . This one fact might indicate that the fifth foot was supplied by a copycat killer, who decided to dispose of a left foot of a victim, and make it seem like it was all part of the same occurance.

Was my last post lost, or does your program think that it was spam, because I had 1 link in it.

The sixth foot was a HOAX. It's an animal paw+leg stuffed into a sock, and then into a running shoe, and packed with seaweed to keep it in place.

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