snapple cap wisdom

The insides of snapple caps are the new fortune cookies washington post reports. Squids can have eyes the size of volleyballs, and slugs have 4 noses, a camel has three eyelids, are some of the snapple cap quips.

"We were thinking of a way to entertain our customers," recalls Maura Mottolese, Snapple's VP of marketing, "and we thought, 'The real estate under the cap is unused real estate now.' "

"We were looking for something out of the ordinary that they wouldn't know and wouldn't even know they'd want to know," says Marke Rubenstein, executive vice president of Snapple's ad agency, Deutsch Inc.

And they needed these facts fast -- in time to get them onto Snapple caps before the spring Snapple-drinking season. Rubenstein sent orders to Deutsch offices in Chicago and Los Angeles, demanding that they find weird facts on the double.

There are 229 real weird facts to collect.

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Years ago, Lucky Lager beer had "sayings" under the caps. There were pictures, and you had to match the picture with a saying. It was pretty fun. They should bring that back!

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I also remember some ale had a rebus under the cap, but it was different than Lucky Lager. Was it Ballantine?