So, the "real men of genius" won again. Grand prix.

For the love of all that's holy people, this has got to stop. Clients - buy braver stuff. Creatives - write better stuff - you can brush up on your radio writing skills with our tutorial. Execs - go for the big picture with campaigns and please scratch the list of "words that must be in script" down by at least half.
US creatives stop whining about radio being hard you have 60 frickin' seconds most of the time. Thats ages! Why, when I write radio I'll be lucky if I get twenty seconds, and usually the list of "words that must be included" take 30 seconds to say- and the brands "sound logo" plays for at least 5 seconds, probably ten. I so wish I was kidding.

Else radio will never see another winner than the increasingly annoying "Real men of genius" campaign, formely known as the "real American heroes" back in the nineties.