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Orangutan Nonja draws 80,000 facebook fans.
For one raisin each.



Born 1976 at the Vienna zoo, orangutan Nonja eventually replaced brushes and palettes with a Samsung ST1000 digital camera including an added dispenser to automatically reward the 33 year old orangutan female with a raison for any taken shot. Pictures taken automatically get transferred to her facebook profile where some 80,000 friends from all over the world have gathered since October 1909.




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    Previously: (december 7 2009) - just FYI, wrote about it when it was happening. It's a cool idea. People didn't seem to take it as 'advertising' as much as 'fun' and passed it on.

    Samsungs Orangutang camera idea proves to be a viral hit

    Nonja is 33 year old Austrian who likes to be creative. She's done some painting but now she's found that her camera - which dispenses raisins every time to button is pushed - has made her facebook profile famous. Nonja is an orangutan.

    Apr 15, 2010

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