The Social Practice "12 trends from Cannes 2011"


This neat slideshow from The Social Practice highlights the trends seen in cannes 2011, in other words the stuff you will want to have grown out of if you want to stay one step ahead of the competition before next Cannes. Obviously social media is playing a big role, but what's also apparent is that storytelling is the real key. Here's to the future.

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    I love shredding Marketing Spin:

    Old Spice:

    Where did those Impressions come from for Old Spice? TV commercials? And the fact is 50% of the you tube video views were from the Ad Industry and very few people outside the Ad Industry (meaning the real target of the campaign) still have no idea there was a Twitter/YouTube event!

    The Importance of Social Spread:

    What a stupid chart! How was it included? of course 28% watched a video from a friends recommendation and 17% read an article. Doesn't this prove social failure? I mean ONLY those numbers after 5 years of networks sharing links and information? I mean in 5 years only that % will admit to even once (note they did not give volume or time line) they watched or read something shared? This is a huge fat social failure the myth of sharing and viral.

    Opportunities to Deliver Connected Advertising:

    Really? Like we can't already visit your brand's website at will and yet we don't. So a 'Better Ad' is going to change this? Who is smoking the ganja?

    Jul 05, 2011

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