Sofa King ad slogan banned

The Scotsman reports that a furniture shop's poster with the slogan "sofakinggood" was banned today. The Advertising Standards Authority banned the poster stating it could be viewed as containing swearing and "was likely to cause serious or widespread offence". It received seven complaints.

The company had argued it used the slogan because it sold sofas, its customers considered it to be "king" and it was "good" at its trade.

This isn't a new thing for this company either. Above is an ad from last year using the same idea for their company slogan - "Sofa King Low"

Funnily enough, it wasn't banned. A bit hypocritical of the ASA to ban this new one.

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I know puns are way pass

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Genius I dare say.

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Great play on words. Shame the ASA is being pants about it.

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I don't find it that offensive, I guess I have to think about this a little longer to make sure they were right. We are taking about selling furniture here...