Some ad agencies in India are favoring freelance copywriters

In India, some agencies are opting not to hire copywriters but to only use freelancers. Why? Because it's cheaper.

"Copy the concept from another ad and use for their client is the shortest way to make clients happy for other advertising agencies so they don't prefer to hire copy writers," said Vibhuti Bhatt, CEO of One Advertising.

Her company has four to five freelancers working for her company and her competitors at the same time.
Even if companies fail after stealing ideas, hardly it matters to them, informed Bhatt.

"Companies do not have time to waste in any market research, they do not want to hire high salaried copywriters and want maximum margin. So they prefer giving projects to fresh or experienced freelance copywriters instead of hiring them," said Bhatt. Similarly Jigish Shah CEO of Sanket Advertising believes that instead of hiring copywriters he would prefer to spend money after graphic designer which is more demanded.
"In ads graphics and designs attracts more than any content now a days. So if we need any copywriter we give away the project to the freelancers," said Shah.