Some more Super Bowl info- by quarter

Want to know when certain spots will be airing during the Super Bowl this Sunday? We've got a short list to whet your appetite, and to help you plan those bathroom breaks.

The following list isn't in the order that they will air within the quarters. It also is by no means a complete list, just what we could uncover so far.

1st Quarter:
Anheuser-Busch: Three spots
DaimlerChrysler: One :30 for Dodge Magnum
Chevrolet: One :30 for new Chevy pickup titled "Soap"
Mitsubishi: One :30 for the Galant
PepsiCo: One :60
Buena Vista Pictures: One :30 for "Mircale"

2nd Quarter:
Touchstone Pictures: One :30 for "The Alamo"
PepsiCo: A total of 120 seconds (probably 4 :30 spots)
Mitsubishi: One :30 for the Galant
IBM: One :30 for Linux Prodigy software
GM: Two :30s for new Aveo model titled "Pachyderm" and "Little Big"
Anheuser Busch: Two :30 spots

3rd Quarter:
Anheuser Busch: Two :30 spots
Buena Vista Pictures: One :30 for "Hidalgo"
GM: One :60 for Cadillac titled "Turbulence" (also could run in 4th quarter)
PepsiCo: One :30

4th Quarter:
Anheuser Busch: Two :30 spots
Touchstone Pictures: One :30 for "The Ladykillers"
7 UP: One :30 spot
Mastercard: One :30 spot of their Priceless campaign
(and the GM spot if it doesn't air in 3rd quarter)

Of course, none of this is 100% but it will give you an idea of what's when. The rest of the large list could fall into any quarter, so take those bathroom breaks during the game. :)

Also, check out AdBowl to rate your favorite ads and post comments during the game. Requires registration.

Comments (3)

  • CopyWhore's picture

    What an appalling bunch of ads this year! Am I the only one disappointed? There were a few moments of "levity," shall we say, but when you're spending upwards of 2 million bucks for 30 seconds, you've gotta do better... I thought BBDO scratched the surface of an interesting idea by making heroes outta the music thieves; and Goodby shined (as always) with the Donkey spot. Oh, and the Budweiser spot with the dog who went for the crotch was midly amusing. But that's like three out of dozens! Have we fallen so far? Does anyone even care about Superbowl commercials anymore?

    Feb 05, 2004
  • tlevitz's picture

    eargh. I'm kicking myself for not checking this out before the game. Was doing so much channel surfing, I missed some of the spots.

    Loved the Cadillac spot where the audio "catches up" to the vehicle. Thought it was such a simple hence beautiful concept.

    Chevy's Soap was great but had a real VW feel going in and Pepsi's Bear spot earned the only out-loud laugh of the evening. However, as juvenile as I am, found the bathroom humor to be getting a bit old. Could've done way better than a farting horse.

    Feb 05, 2004
  • Dabitch's picture

    Well the traffic around here was the same rush as previous years - so somebody cares. ;9

    Personally I was very disappointed with this years ads (except the cute Donkey-Clydesdale). And here I thought I couldn't be as disappointed as last year. Boy was I wrong.

    Feb 05, 2004

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