Somethin' Looks the Same...

Okay, you all remember the Levi's commercial that aired during the Super Bowl entitled, "Crazy Legs". It featured a guy with the craziest legs you ever saw. Well, it seems McDonald's noticed how odd, yet popular this commercial was. So they came up with the almost exact same commercial...only the guy in their ad didn't have crazy legs. He had a crazy stomach.

The Levi's commercial showed a Hispanic guy coming out of a building with headphones. He walks through his neighborhood doin' his leg thing. In the McDonald's commercial, another Hispanic guy comes out of a building and walks in his neighborhood too. He's also wearing headphones, only the headphones seem to have more of a part. The beat from the headphones causes everything around the guy to vibrate with that beat (Even the headphones themselves). But the thing on his body that does some 'crazy' stuff is his stomach. It decides to go with the beat to tell him he's hungry. Anyone else spot those similarities?

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