riddles amsterdam, a music site catering to the rare and the groovy with independent label tunes in the categories as diverse as hip hop and electronica have begun advertising in Amsterdam to attract music fans. These aren't your regular ads however, as sonox doesn't deliver your regular music. (Images if you read more...)

All over Amsterdam posters have been put up framing, not an advertisment, but an object behind it. If the viewer stands in front of the poster they can solve the riddle to what they say. These 3D-riddles spell out styles of music suchs as "Roots" ,"Electronica". "Hip Hop", "Rock Steady" and not even streetsigns are safe as a Dead End sign acts as the "T" in "Trance".

All posters are payed off with "SoundObsessed See". True music fans will be carrying their constant soundtracks with them everywhere, and the way to get their attention is to show them that music is indeed, everywhere, and everything.

Ads were created by the agency wa in Amsterdam. Wa promises more surreal urban ads to come in the same campaign soon.

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