Sony graffiti for PSP handheld


Sony graffiti for PSP handheld


The Wooster Collective points out some chalk drawings that have appeared in Philadelphia, New York, Chicago, and San Francisco for the Sony PSP handheld. The guerilla campaign of the chalk drawings and posters show cartoony kids playing with oversized PSPs. But there is no Sony or PSP logo. No website to visit. Just the illustrations. See images here.

Reactions aren't happy: HongFire Forum calls it "Sony's coming to vandalize your neighborhood!


No website....yet, right? Else I must say that is a mighty discreet campaign - n logo no nothing....

Well, no website with in any association with the images that are currently up at least. Found some more images here.

One reason they don't have any names anywhere could be because they have learnt their lesson from other's mistakes.

This has more in common with the IBM Peace Love and Linux sidewalk painting mishap of 2001 than the Microsoft butterfly sticker mess of 2002 for which they were fined, I think... Related are the other "street arty" types of ads appearing more recently like the Nissan fakeout, the I shagged here stickers, and that Singaporian Nike ad which only mimicked graffitti in a "legal" media space, but peole thought it was real grafitti and reported it.

Oh I forgot, Caff did a whole article on the recent surge of ads in these types of media worth checking out.

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