South African Commercial Cockfight (the chicken variety)

In the war of the chickens, Kentucky Fried Chicken has won its advertising battle with Chicken Licken. Chicken Licken was also ordered to publish an apology for contravening the ASA's code of conduct.

"In complaining to the ASA, KFC submitted that the ad was "disparaging in the extreme as it shows the colonel to be listless and somewhat impotent until he eats Chicken Licken."


But Chicken Licken said the ad was not disparaging in any way.

"The only intention was to amuse viewers who would perceive the advertisement as a witty parody."

"KFC does not use a real-life colonel but an animated character called the colonel and therefore the use of the character was not the same. The use of the character was to amuse the consumer. There could not have been any confusion," Chicken Licken representatives said at a hearing in September.

The real Colonel could not be reached for comments as he didn't answer his seance calls.

Hat tip to Claymore

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