Spain fails to medal in Olympic advertising


Spain fails to medal in Olympic advertising


As of Sunday, 8/17/08, Spain is ranked # 13 in the overall Olympic medal count. However, when it comes to their Olympic advertising, they rank dead last. Here's a pic of Spain's Basketball and Tennis teams. Even the Germans shuddered at this marketing faux pas!

The Men's and Women's Basketball Teams were in a two-page spread for a Spanish courier company and the Tennis team were at a party celebrating their entry into the Beijing Olympics.


Oy vey.

Even five year olds find that offensive.

Oops. This ranks as more offensive than Prince Philips comment about slitty-eyes.

It's lazy to pinpoint something such as physical weakness or appearance to poke fun at. But Spain is not the only country to do this, it's inherently human to do this - isn't it?


Ok, from a UK perspective...

The thing is, tabloids in the UK play up similar racist overtones but it's deemed okay. For example, every football tournament we're hating the French for eating snails and smelling, etc and when it comes to the Germans we can't go far wrong with some Hitler references or perhaps just a general point-in-the-direction of the War, or 1966.

We even do it internally - Scousers being burglars, Scots being tight with their money, etc, etc. There are so many things I could point at. It's not that long ago that people threw bananas at black players at UK football matches. Or Mars bars at fat people.

Maybe I'm wrong, but it seems to me that this kind of thing has been happening for, oh, ever.

That doesn't make it ok - it's wrong wrong wrong - but I'm also not that shocked when it's highlighted in the press.

Oi mate, scousers aren't just burglars. We nick anything, anytime, la. ;)

Can someone find me that clip where The Daily show talks about this which is not hosted on

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