Spam in the name of Diesel


Spam in the name of Diesel


Spam is not advertising - it is the cancer of the web. We all know and agree on this - if you do not sign up to receive messages and still do, you are of course a tad mad. It is the advertising reserved for get rich quick schemes rather than the High Street brand name. What if you don't sign up for anything , and get spam SMS'sed to your mobile phone? What is that? SpaSMS! You have to get the message, press button or two read it delete it, and *beep* you get another identical one. *argh!* When signing your mobile phone contract you usually sign a clause stating that you do not want to receive unsolicited messages to it, hence, anyone spamming your phone is actually breaking a law. Some mobile phone companies sell your phone number to the highest bidder - the claus in the contract will protect you from such barbarism. Or will it? Diesels's King Frank has taken to spamming mobile phones in Holland with useless SMS messages, probably thinking it's another cool "ad virus" media in the making- and Dabitch is mad.

It all started fairly innocent. I got an SMS message on my phone. It stated: Diesel presents:" Give me your face we'll give you the's Junior Sanchez (nyc) and Laidback Luke. Powered by Motorola.....& Diesel WWW.23SEPTEMBER2000.COM (now there's a really useless link) I read it, sighed, and went back to whatever I was doing. This message was sent to me five times the 19th of september.. at the fourth repeated message on I *snapped* and called The administrative contact of this domain, as stated in the whois record:

Administrative Contact:
Bakker, Jurriaan [email protected]
Rembrandtweg 214b
Amstelveen, 1180 LB
+31 (20) 710 9700

My first question after Jurrian answered the dialled number was: Are you the owner of the domain He said; What? and I repeated my question, adding "you are listed as the administrative contact in the whois record is this correct? He said that yes he does own the domain. I asked him to please stop sending advertising messages to my telephone, adding that when I do not give my consent to this, it is illegal. He said "I GET it" about that - clearly annoyed with me (oh Puhlease!)- and added that he could only remove my number from the list of receiving SMS's if I gave my phonenumber to him. I had not given him my phone number in the first place so I declined to do this, suggesting that my phonenumber was probably not the only one on the list who hadn't willingly given my GSM# away to them and also suggested that he should have a look at whatever software he was using as it sends repeat messages -five times in a row- and that would surely piss off even those who said yes to this spam. He stated again that he could not remove my phonenumber. I had to cut this call short as I received another one - we do have an actual life sometimes - and thought that the spam was over with, I received no more messages that day. It's never that simple kids. 21st of september another SPAMSMS. "Have we got your face or not? Powered by Motorola" is SMS's to my telephone. KingFrank is a Diesel Hoax-site, and interestingly enough it is registered as follows: Administrative Contact:
Shevlin, Robert (ROSH76) [email protected]
549 Richards Rd.
Columbus, OH 43214
(PH) 614 261 0266

Technical Contact:
Your Name Free, Support (YNFT1) [email protected]
-, - -
(PH) 1-800-828-7497 (FAX) 1-877-332-7497

Registration Date: 27-Apr-2000 13:22:17
Expiration Date: 27-Apr-2002 10:21:21
Domain servers in listed order:


I once had an account at wineasy, so I know it is a swedish server. The billing and administrative contact are the same and I haven't called the states as I'm sure he had nothing to do with this spam, also, I actually doubt it is a real person - as the technical contact seems to be complete bogus. I know that the kingfrank domain is a hoax- media virus Ad for diesel - hell, I wrote about it and so did Wes when he discoved yet another fake Interesting practice of a worldwide Clothes-Brand to register domains with fake contacts. 22 September, another SMS from "Frank."" King Frank says:"Give me your face we've got the is totally sold out!" Like I care.
The Diesel Party is tonight. I am invited, I even have some stupid VIP pass. Until the party has passed I will continue to receive spam to my cellphone in the name of Diesel and Motorola. At 16:10 today (saturday 23) i received from Frank: Be early (open at 21.30) and if you're hungry don't worry "Stereo Sushi" is here! No mention of Diesel and Motorola this time. Do they even know that their brands are being sullied by these Spam tactics? I'm not the only one in Holland receiving these SMS-spams. Friends on other cellular networks such as Ben and Libertel are receiving them as well. Not one single one of us gave our phone number to Diesel checking any box stating "yes I would like to receive updates/information on my mobile phone". All of us are terribly annoyed.

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