St Luke's worldwide domination begins in the north.

St Luke's is opening in Stockholm!

Yep, St Luke' says it'll happen the second of November this year.

Magnus Westerberg and Tim Hearn are the creative heads apparently, and also very shy it seems as they have yet to reply to emails sent out 24 hours ago. Annika Carstedt took only ten minutes to reply with an explanation - apparently they have gotten a thousand or so emails in two days. More soon!

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    I know we haven't replied to everybody yet, but there have been a lot of e-mails! We're writing as fast as we can, and everybody will get a reply.Apologies to all impatient people.Can't write more, I've got e-mails to answer....


    Sep 07, 2000
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    Isn't that due to your of your domain name? :)

    Sep 08, 2000
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    I only get 300 e-mails a day. . can't wait until the day when my fingers bleed because of fan mail. Guess I better work on improving my spastic (though effective) "Two-Finger-Head-Down" typing technique.

    Best of luck.



    Mike Devlin

    creative dir

    cca advertising

    chelsea, nyc, usa

    May 07, 2001
  • Dabitch's picture

    Peter, You are mean, you know they have lots of mails. :)) Don't send them any more! :))

    But yes I agree, anyone who hangs and posts here must be nice, and I'm just saying that cause it is my place. ;)

    Sep 08, 2000

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