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    from first link:

    The young secretary of a murdered advertising company president was arrested over the fatal stabbing Friday along with two other suspects, police said.

    The secretary, 23-year-old Yukiko Fukuoka, was arrested for the killing of company president Hidetaka Tanaka, along with Tanaka's former driver Minoru Ibushi, 34, and Shuichi Kamie, the representative of an adult- entertainment business that Tanaka effectively operated.Wow - shady!

    Mar 01, 2003
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    And from the second link...

    "One of the three people suspected of robbing and murdering a company president in Chuo Ward, Kobe, was appointed president of two companies owned by the president after his death, investigators have learned."

    Shady, yes. Sneaky, no. More proof that not all racial stereotypes are true.

    Mar 01, 2003
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    pr0n films made by yakuza productions?

    Mar 02, 2003

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