Stena Line loves Germany - leaves little hearts on all German cars

Usually I hate those 'ad campaigns' that are found underneath the windshield wipers of cars and from a distance give you that little heart-attack when you think it's a parking fine. But just like there are no ugly fonts, just ugly executions, even this media can be clever, un-annoying and relevant.

Stena Line have cleaned up their ships Scandinavica and Germanica, and invite those who love Germany and German things to ride free to Germany until the end of July - if you have proven your Germany-love by owning a lovely BMW, Opel, Volkswagen, Mercedes or AUDI... Cars from German automakers parked in the center of major Swedish cities learn about the offer (and get their ride-free coupon) in the shape of a little heart in the flags colors under the windshield wipers. Cute.

Campaign comes from Miami Advertising in Gothenburg, you know the one, it's where the agency owner tattooed the agency logo on his arm and says that all ideas come from his gut.