Sterling Cooper business cards strewn about Grand Central station

AskACopwriter has found some interesting businesscards lying around Grand Central station New York - front and back posted here - yep, it's Sterling Cooper cards. Mad Men season two is coming and I'm beginning to get seriously annoyed with the hype JUST START AIRING THE DAMN SHOW ALREADY! Aaargh!
You can also download and print cards from the site, as if anyone would want to waste their time with that when you can't enter your own name and title. I want to be "Åsk Wäppling Chief Muse" please.

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  • Neaner's picture

    So men wearing fedoras were giving those out? How does that make me want to see the show?

    Jul 28, 2008
  • bendjamin's picture
    bendjamin (not verified)

    You missed it. They had a bunch of guys dressed in 1950's style suits handing them out. Fedoras, cigarette cases & all. It was really fun.

    Nov 17, 2009