Stew over Hungarian Tourism Ad


Stew over Hungarian Tourism Ad


Yeah ...well at least I avoided "goulash" in the heading. I'm pissed off. The Hungarians have pulled my favourite Tourism ad. The link still works and there's a banner ad there but the vid appears to have been yanked. The lights are on but there's noone home, as it were.

You try - What's it about? Hungary's tourism authority, Magyar Turizmus new marketing campaign is designed, it says, to attract young people to the land of goulash.

The animated commercial, for the Lake Balaton region, begins with a young bloke (presumably a tourist) giving a local babe the eye across a crowded bar. There's a close-up of the man's watch in fast-forward. Then the couple in a rowboat. Suddenly the gorgeous one's bikini top takes a hike and the fella, whose eyebrows have been doing the Hungarian Rhapsody, makes with a sleazy "how about it?" look.

Before long they are at it - a bit of the old in-out "avec gusto" or whatever the Hungarian equivalent is. Luckily some lakeside reeds get in the way before it becomes too Volga (yes I know that's in Russia).

Finally, he and she are lying side-by-side in the boat, post-coitus. She has pink hearts pulsating from both eyes; he is looking dead dodgey and it's no wonder. Turns out he's married! Shock horror. We see him hiding his wedding ring under the sheet. In the last frame he's doing a runner in a convertible. Alone. Poor bastard.

What are they trying to say here? Something like "Come to Hungary and shag the local girls" (Just be careful to hide your wedding ring).

Anyway, all this is academic as they appear to have taken the ad down. Either that or the server has shat itself or gone for a shnitzel. I tried to dig it up at YouTube and Google but no luck. I'm kicking myself that I didn't capture it while I could. Next time.


Well, I clicked on the link and it's still there.

Wow, that clip was bad. And still there.

Is that a European thing? In the US wedding rings are worn on the left hand.

But this was terrible regardless.

Cool, it's back. It was down yesterday. I think the music's gonna be a hit, too.

Almost you think "a balaton in yar" is deliberate or does it just mean "Welcome to Balaton" or something? And what is the "fw"? "For women"? "Hu" I get - short for "hung". Sexy ad n'est-ce pas?

This confused me when I lived in Holland as well, there it seemed to be 50-50 whether they had the ring on the left or the right hand (a wedding ring is worn on the left in Sweden as well), so I asked a few people. A few had no idea why they wore it on the right "it's just the way it is". Others claimed it depended on if they married in church or city hall. Others still said it was a protestant thing. (Swedes are mostly protestants - lutheran not calvinist like the Dutch protestants). Seemed I could never get a straight answer on that. :) Your guess is as good as mine.

Any right handed ring wearing married folks here care to help solve this mystery?

It looks like its a plugin issue - some people I know don't see it. Or perhaps its just getting too much traffic?

Yep, it is still there. Unfortunately. I'm Hungarian and trust me this whole clip doesn't make any sense. And I'm absolutely sure it is not an official tourism ad. Ok, the song is an old hungarian hit and the visual is following the lyrics. It is about going to Balaton and having a "great" time there. "Balatoni ny

OMG. I found the proud producer of the "thing". It looks like it is official. As they say virus marketing. great.

Reuters says "The marketing campaign is aimed at selling Balaton as a travel destination primarily for the young generation," the tourism authority said in a statement.

Under communism Balaton was a popular tourist spot of Germans and east Europeans, but its popularity fell in the past few years as Hungarians choose to spend the summer abroad. "

Maybe Hungarians now choose to spend the summer with a broad.

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