Stop the madness!


Stop the madness!


In an effort to scare all you drunken ad-folk straight here's a early eighties anti-drug video. If the talking Hasselhoff poster doesn't get to you I don't know what will. ;)

(spot the young Whitney in there - ironic isn't it?)


That looks totally awesome, especially the manic monkey, I think I'm going to do some drugs right now.

I don't understand, however, why the boy had to throw his shirt and jacket away.

That monkey had the same effect on me. He's like yeeeah! More morfine!

Is that a young Whitney Housten? Oh the irony!!

Green gel they used on the trash bin when she throws away her drugs is amusing too!

This is amazing...
And ohhhhh, the delicious irony of Whitney Houston being in the video...

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