Storm Clouds over Cannes again.


Ogilvy & Mather worldwide are pulling a classic ad agency vs awards tiff out in the press. Though as it is "worldwide" and "Cannes Lions" were talking about here - it's not your regular agency boycott of awards.....

Ogilvy & Mather worldwide are threatening to boycott this years Cannes awards show if they "can't be guaranteed a fair judgement". Last year two of their winning entries from O&M in Singapore were later accused of being "scam ads" - in other words, ads that have never been aired, approved nor paid for by an actual client - but later the accusations were proved false after a closer investigation.

The worldwide network also question how much money Cannes charges for entering the awards.

Last years head of the Jury, Bob Isherwood, CD for Saaatchi & Saatchi Worldwide, defend the itchy trigger finger accusing even real ads to be scam ads.

We need to show the industry that advertising that hasn't been made for real clients, have no place in a real awards show and are totally unacceptable.

Out of 17000 ads sent to the Cannes Lions awards last year, less than ten of them were confirmed as "scam ads".

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