Strange AXE shower gel ad from Belgium


Strange AXE shower gel ad from Belgium



That amkes no sense at all. Axe is supposed to drive women crazy horny, not make them play Simon Says.

I forgot to mention in the 3rd ad, that the girl was furious because she found out that he was cheating on her.


Do what he says? That's not what I read into the Axe "Ideal Woman" (and Axe Ideal woman variant) ads rom 2003 that you describe. Those women are just crazy horny for the axe-stinky guy. They'll put up with anything just to get some. The (camera p.o.v.) guy never says anything, he's just being hit on.

Still, I think those are are more Axe than this simon says game played in the Belgian one. That's just off.
How hard can it be to get something to stick to a perfect (and heavily copied) proposition people? :)

PS - my current favorite Axe ad is Residue. My first favorite was Paid Pipers revenge (Lynx == Axe) which holds up pretty good for being ten years old, all IMHO of course.


This whole campaign makes women look like brainless dolts.

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