Submit your work to Adland's commercial archive.


Submit your work to Adland's commercial archive.

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Please note: when we say your work we mean ads that you have written, produced, directed or have been otherwise involved in - like, you're the client - the agency or the PR company representing the agency or client. We don't mean ads you ganked somewhere else and you are legally responsible for what you upload.

Commercials logged in adgrunts can post their own commercials. Follow the instructions.

Radio: Logged in adgrunts, you can upload your own Radio work as mp3's. Just go to Add Radio and follow the instructions.

Print ads & any photographic ad stunts same delio here, if you are logged in you may post your own ad campaigns.

If you'd rather email us: Attach .mov or .mp4 (or use if the ad is really large) mark the subject "Commercial " - add credits to the email. (not in a PDF or .doc!) Anything you submit to us, even in link form, be prepared that we will host a copy here. If you don't want this don't submit.

We also accept old ads as the archives are historical - please let us know approximate airing dates of older ads so that we may backdate them correctly. We love old ads, go ahead and send us your agency showreel even if it dates back to 1964. DO eeeet.

We also accept SPEC work. Mark such work "SPEC" in the subject line. - when posting it yourself choose the spec work tag.

Email ads to hostmaster AT important! do not BCC us - our email needs to be in the "TO:" line or the email heads straight to the spam box. Attach pictures in form of .jpg, .png, .gif and films as .mov or .mpeg (NOT .wmv!).

Do you have your own FTP server? That's great - just point us in the right direction and we'll fetch your work from there. Nemas problemas. This is very practical if you're a serial submitter!

We love credits! Here's a suggestion of what we'd like to know.
Ad agency:
Executive Creative Director:
Creative Director:
Art Director:
Account Executive:
Agency Producer:
Post Production:
Principal Talent / VO :
and last but not least, approx time of campaigns running date - any quotes about the creation or trivia to add to the mix.

Don't attach text (word) documents - email was designed to carry text.

Please note that all our films are 550 pixels wide - Do not shrink films for web before emailing them to us. It'll come out grainy. That's ugly.

If any of your files are too large to email, please use or Dropbox

If you need help digitizing your ads we can do this for you - just snailmail us a copy of it to the office closest to you:

In North America, send your work/reels (in one of the following formats: NTSC 1/2" (VHS) or 3/4" tape, DVD (unprotected, Region 1 - US/Canada), or as raw, uncompressed DV files on CD-R or DVD-R) and handy credits/tidbits to:

Clayton T. Claymore
KK, 505 East Main Ave, Suite 250
Bismarck, ND USA 58501