Subway in Germany depict 'twin towers" on trayliners

How do you remind people that Subway is the 'healthy' lunch alternative in countries where no Jared ever dieted with them? Easy, make lots of tray liners, advertising the film Super size me, depicting an obese Statue of Liberty holding a packet of freedom fries, showing a giant fatty hamburger crushing twin towers as panicked citizens run away. Top it off with the headline "Why are Americans so fat?" and you're ready to cause controversy. (read more to see images)

Attack of the 50-foot hamburger, or Hambzilla? Some people think it looks like the twins towers of the world trade center NYC, 'cause there was like five of them. Riiight.

The National Legal and Policy Center were not amused, Ken Boehm, Chairman of the National Legal and Policy Center said "Americans deserve to know about SUBWAY’S campaign to insult us abroad and to attack our national symbols."

Mon Dieu! La Statue de la Liberté, je pense que la robe est trop petite pour vous.

Blame the Belgians for inventing yummy fries.... ;)


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