Suck it in


The setting is a park. Two guys are sitting on a bench. One is drinking a Sonic flurry. He seems to be enjoying it. Suddenly, the guy seems to be having trouble getting the drink to come out. He starts sucking and sucking on the straw. As he sucks harder and harder, we start to see a big lump appearing in the straw.

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Pepsi "straw" commercial

The old guy next the one with the flurry watches in stunned silence. The guy with the flurry stops sucking to gasp some air, then returns to sucking the drink. He sucks and sucks, his face becomes redder and redder, and he has a considerable case of the puckers. Suddenly he leans forward and we see his back. We hear a *pop* and the guy sits up again. What was in the straw? A peach! Well, it was in the straw anyway. Now it's wedged in the guy's mouth. He just crosses his legs and tries in vain to look casual. Then we find out that it's peach flurry month at Sonic!

This ad really got my funny bone. The thing I would complain about though is, if you or I had a drink with a weird lumpy thing in it, what would you do? Drink the thing or open the lid? I'd think he could have just opened the lid. What if it had been a rat and not a peach? Oh well. I guess if he hadn't sucked, it wouldn't have been funny.

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    can you get the commercial that aired on April 5, 2003. It was aired on CBS during the mens final four basketball game. It was a woman crossing the Anartical for the first time advertising Celebrex- Who was the woman? I need a transcript of that commercial

    Apr 18, 2003
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    AnonymousCoward (not verified)

    a good sonic ad.

    Sep 22, 2004

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