Super Bowl 2002

Clay not only watched the superbowl - he added them on this server. All under 2002 super bowl XXXVI (ads)
Unlike ad age, we have every single one, and unlike ad age, we carry them in quicktime 5.

For the fans of real audio, go elsewhere, sorry... Their player , which is full of ads and pop-ups nowadays, and me do not really agree, and when you see Clay's QT's you'll probably agree that the quality is much better.

You'll need Quicktime 5 , which you probably have,
they're compressed to run best on G3/Pentium III and above systems, made with Sorenson 3 video and QDesign 2 audio compression codec - but if you are an adgrunt surfing from work, you probably have a shiny G3 or above too. :-)

Easiest way to find a specific ad is to type the brand name in the search box on the left. Like "truth" or "budweiser". The three latest dated results will be shown with a link stating "se all *random number here* results" - listing every single hit containing that word.


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