The Super Bowl Commercials Drinking Game

For some it's all about the bowl and the beer. For us it's all about the super bowl commercials and the beer. You can sneak peek at the 2008 Super Bowl XLII commercials here and get all the spoilers about the ads in Caffienegoddess' constantly updated super spoiler here.

Inside, you will get the rules of the drinking game. Lets see how drunk we can get on advertisers predictability, shall we?

The Super Bowl Commercials Drinking game

For every sexual innuendo, down a full beer and burp.

For every chimp referred to as a monkey, slam a banana-slammer or a monkey juice.

For every 'celebrity blonde' drink a Leffe blond.

For every anthropomorphic animal, down the hair of the dog.

For every non-sequitor drink a Fuzzy Logic

For every consumer-generated spot or material in a spot eat a handful of Doritos®.

For every A-list celebrity, drink a Sapphire Martini

For every B-list celebrity drink a Appletini

If someone gets hit in the groin slam a gut bomb

If someone mentions "the big game", pour a bud light on the ground in memory of the Bud Bowl.

For each time something blows up or explodes drink a flaming B-52 or the Hiroshima Bomber.

For each joke based on the 'funny' of Mexicans, slam a Tequila.

For each joke based on the 'funny' of non Mexican foreigners, get a Tiki Drink such as Ray's Mistake or The Zombie .

For every dancing animal do the hustle.

For every space scene drink a Tang

For each man in a dress get girl drink drunk on a Chocolate Choo Choo

For each scene in an elevator, drink a green elevator *.

For each woman with wings drink a Fallen angel.

For each futuristic vision or high tech fusion coolness, drink a smart drink. Two if it's for simple razors.

For each mention of GoDaddy - go flush the toilet to add to the big flush.

* Here's how to mix the green elevator, a.k.a Gröna Hissen which was also the name of a Swedish movie based on the american play "Fair and Warmer" where everyone is drunk most of the time.

4 cl gin
2 cl green curaçao
ca 1 dl pommac (substitute with ginger ale)
1 lemon wedge
1 red maraschino cherry

Fill a tall glass with crushed ice, add the gin and curaçao and fill it to the top with the soda. Stir and garnish.

You might have a few suggestions for this game too?