Super Bowl Human Ad Space on Ebay


Super Bowl Human Ad Space on Ebay


Adgrunt kris10tackett tipped us to this strange Ebay bid selling super bowl "ad space", it looks like a couple of kids are looking to make a fast buck wearing whatever company logo they get on game-day, hats t-shirts buttons, whatever, as they attend the game at the Alltell Stadium. They offer to give away free product samples as well. They're asking US $10,000, but nobody has bid yet, and who in their right mind would? Might get that if they offered to streak through the game but as Caffeinegoddess already pointed out streakers have been done to death and nobody remembers last years streakers as they were outdone by a single pierced nipple. God is in the details, or in the accessories. I forget which.


I think having your company's logo inked on some guy's body would better!

So, Tamargo, who runs a Web in that CNN article you point to, "claims to be the only one agreeing to be etched with a permanent message.".

What about them TatADS people that I wrote about last year? Tattoo you - real ink tatADS have arrived.

These ebay stunts, forehead ads, tatads and crap are really getting old aren't they?

Yes. Yes, they are. I wish the news media would realize that as well.

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