Super Bowl XLI Commercial Spoiler Alert- UPDATE

More advertisers have jumped in the game, or at least have let the cat out of the bag that they will be advertising during Super Bowl XLI. We've scoured the web, our inbox and a few other places to provide you with the most comprehensive list of super bowl commercial contenders.

You'll notice some additions from the post made earlier last week. And we'll attempt to post one if not two more updates at least before next weekend's game.

Again, if you would prefer to be surprised on Sunday, Feb 4th, don't read on. And as usual, all ads will be in the Claymore Project - the most complete Super Bowl commercial archive online - for your viewing pleasure. :)

Alka-Seltzer - (:30 or :60) Spot will contain a new consumer-created jingle by Josh Anderson, a DJ at a radio station in Greensboro, N.C, which was directed by Nigel Dick of Hollywood-based DNA. (info here)

Pizza Hut - Features Jessica Simpson (again) at a glamorous movie premiere where she nearly trips on her fancy red dress. (info here)

Ford - (:90 total) Will tout its F-Series Super Duty pickups.

FedEx - (:45) one spot

Frito Lay/Doritios - (:30) Consumer-created spot- the 5 finalists can be viewed here (info here)

Mars/Snickers - "Mechanics" features two blue collar workers sharing a Snickers candy bar in a way that will change both of them forever., then points folks to for multiple endings of the spot directed by Ulf Johansson of Smith and Sons Films, London and edited by Tom Scherma of bicoastal Cosmo Street.

Career Builder - (:30) Spot for their new "It's a jungle out there" campaign directed by Bryan Buckley of bicoastal/international Hungry Man. (info here)

Garmin - (:30) Titled "Maposaurus", the campy spot inspired by 1960s Japanese monster movies, features a showdown between an evil “Maposaurus” and a hero who uses a Garmin-made electronic navigation device to save the day. The spot was directed by Ulf Johansson of Smith and Sons Films, London.

King Pharmaceuticals - (:60) Unbranded spot titled "Heart Attack" in tandem with the American Heart Association to air shortly before halftime. The spot emphasizes the element of surprise to communicate the risks of uncontrolled high blood pressure, also called hypertension. Features a Heart Man going about his everyday business when he is ambushed by high blood pressure and his accomplices - high cholesterol, overweight, and diabetes. When the villainous risk factors are done with "Heart Man," he is left with a clear understanding of the threat they pose. Directs viewers to

Sprint - New spot in the 'Power Up' campaign.
NFL/United Way - (:10) Most likely featuring NFL players and/or Don Cheadle.

Nationwide - (:30) Starring Kevin Federline. (info here)

Career Builder - (:30) Spot for new "It's a jungle out there" campaigndirected by Bryan Buckley of bicoastal/international Hungry Man. (info here)

Diamond Nuts - (:30) Robert Goulet stars in this spot directed by The Perlorian Brothers via Biscuit Filmworks, Los Angeles, music composition by Andrew Feltenstein and John Nau of Beacon Street Studios, Venice, Calif, and editing by Ian Mackenzie of Mackenzie Cutler, New York.(info here)

Honda Motor Co. - 3-4 spots - (:30) Starring a dancing CR-V SUV (not confirmed), (two :15s) Honda Element ads from the "Gil, The Crab" campaign currently running, and (:30) ad called "Slalom" touting Honda as the most fuel-efficient brand in America.

NFL Network - (:30) Celeb filled spot, including Paris Hilton, LL Cool J, Martha Stewart, and other big shots.

Snapple - (:30) The brand's first ever Super Bowl ad highlights their new super premium line of Red, White, Green and Black Teas. The spot follows a tea-loving pilgrim on his quest for metabolic enlightenment. (more info)

NFL - (:10) Vote for game's MVP

NFL - (:30) Consumer-generated idea ad

HP - A new spot in HDTV in the 'The Computer is Personal Again' campaign. This is their first SB ad.

King Pharmaceuticals - (:30) Unbranded spot titled "Heart Attack" in tandem with the American Heart Association.

SuperBowl Proposal fella sponsored by unknown advertiser (possibly DeBeers?) (info here) - 3 spots including Nascar driver Danica Patrick along with 'Go Daddy Girl,' Candice Michelle. 'American Chopper's Paul Teutul Sr. and his sons Paul Jr., and Michael also have roles along with motorcycle drag-racing star Valerie Thompson

Anheuser-Busch (10 :30s or 5 min total) - one ad featuring NASCAR superstar Dale Earnhardt Jr., titled "Apocalypse," includes fire-bombs, high-speed car chases, stunt jumps and helicopters to create a high-intensity, epic production. Shot near Lancaster, Calif., the scene is a barren desert depicting the end of the worldwhere Earnhardt takes on an angry group of post-Apocalyptic mutants for his highly coveted Budweiser.

Another spot, titled "The Hitchhiker" spooky music plays as a couple drives down a dark road. While the woman fumbles with a map, her boyfriend slows down to pick up a hitchhiker. She is alarmed and points out he's holding an ax. "But he has Bud Light, " the boyfriend pleads." "And an ax!" she insists.

Another spot features rapper Jay-Z facing off against former Miami Dolphins coach Don Shula in a chess-like rendering of a high-tech football game using holographic imagtes.

Carlos Mencia shows up in a spot set in a classroom.

Red crabs turn up on a beach to carry off a cooler of beers.

Also look for Clydesdale horses.

Other highlighted brands will be Budweiser, Bud Light, Bud Select and

Pepsi - :90 total in first and second quarter - expected to kick off its new "Feel the Pepsi" campaign. Other brands like Mountain Dew and Sierra Mist are also being considered for the big game. A prospective spot for Mountain Dew energy drink AMP cwas directed by Dante Ariola of bicoastal/international MJZ.

Taco Bell - Promote Carne Asada Steak Grilled Taquitos with a spot where two lions discuss the meat and get a lesson in rolling their R's from voice over announcer Ricardo Montalban.

GM/Chevrolet - (:30) Chevrolet College Big Idea contest spot (info here), another (:60) Chevy spot, one Cadillac spot and (:60) corporate ad touting the company's 10-year, 100,000-mile warranty. Phil Joanou of MJZ directed one of the spots.

Toyota Motor Co. two spots featuring its redesigned full-size Tundra pickup, directed by Andrew Douglas of Anonymous Content.

Apple - Unknown (info here)

Coca Cola - 2-3 spots, two which have run before and are from 2006, "Video Game" by Wieden + Kennedy, USA and "Happiness Factory" by Wieden + Kennedy, Amsterdam (click links to see the spots). A third new spot will be created by W+K, Portland.

AIG - Unknown

infoUSA/ - Bought time in pre-game slots, as well as in-game and post-game. See teaser here. (info here)

Walt Disney Co - 2 Movie Ads - One spot for 'Meet the Robinsons,' a Disney-created computer-generated animation family film. The other is for 'Wild Hogs,' a comedy with John Travolta, William H. Macy, Martin Lawrence and Tim Allen.

Footlocker/adidas - spot directed by Ted Pauly via production house Furlined, Santa Monica.
Microsoft - Possible Vista spot (unknown - rumor)
AOL (unknown - rumor)
Cingular/AT&T (unknown - rumor)

Career Builder - (:30) Spot for new "It's a jungle out there" campaign directed by Bryan Buckley of bicoastal/international Hungry Man. (info here and here)

See the latest update here, posted Friday, Feb 2, 2007.

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