Super Bowl XLIII LIVE from Florida on Adland.

Watch the game and the ads here my dear Swedish & Non-US located pals who are sitting up all night to catch this. I know who you are. Also, pass the chips, will you? :) killed their feed - here's a link to another one though

This link will pop-up and show a live feed.

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  • backwrite's picture

    What else do you have for a feed? Is the SB on Swedish TV?

    Feb 01, 2009
  • Dabitch's picture

    Yes it is. Sorry about the live feed there getting yanked, I Was so exited to find that embed. But then NBC slammed copyright on and that baffled me - you'd think they'd have that sorted out before creating an embeddable live flash feed of NBC, right? :)) But nooo.

    Anyway, the link above works for another live feed.

    Feb 02, 2009

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