The Super Bowl XXXIV Advertising Bonanza Review

Every year the Super Bowl is filled with champagne wishes and caviar dreams for advertisers and ad agencies. Who will be the most talked about as they strut their stuff down the creative red carpet?

The Oscars of advertising was definitely a star-studded gala this year. From Burt Reynolds to Poppin' Fresh, we were bombarded by stars and icons shilling everything from beer to countertops (which we saw coming a mile away in our Super Bowl XXXIX Advertising Bonanza -*SPOILER ALERT*). We also saw fewer animals and much more "tame" ads overall compared to recent years.
As the Super Bowl was a star studded event, we think it makes sense to give our review on a star rating system.

*= Pudrid piece of visual and/or aural excrement.
**= Medocrity is only a few feet away.
***= When you can't do something well, at least you aren't doing it poorly.
****= Bravo my good chum!
*****= Never in my banal existance have I ever been so completely filled with joy and total happiness.

SuperAdgrunts - click on the links to view the spots. Or head to The Claymore Project. Read more for the reviews:

On to the madness:

Anheuser-Busch - Bud Light: "Skydiver"
Ad Agency: DDB Worldwide, Chicago
Summary: Pilot jumps out of plane for six-pack of Bud Light after skydiver refuses to.
Caff: **** - Rather funny. Still not laugh-your-arse-off kinda funny. Points for the faces on the fellas left in the plane.
Clay: **** - I did not see that coming.
Dab: ** - I did, and it sucked.

Novartis' Ciba Vision: "Breathe"
Ad Agency: Grey Global's Grey, NY
Summary: "Urbanites enjoying their new contact lenses". Director's cut of ad currently running.
Caff: ** - Watching this makes me unhappy to be breathing.
Dab: * - Not doing anything for me. Purdy locations though, for a sci-fi movie.
Clay: ** - OptizzzzzzzzZZZzzzZZZ

Pepsi-Cola Co.- Diet Pepsi: P. Diddy - "Diet Pepsi Truck"- :45
Ad Agency: DDB, NY
Director: Joe Pytka, PYTKA
Summary: Sean "P. Diddy" Combs unknowingly starts a trend among Hollywood stars and people everywhere, when his car breaks down and he hitches a ride to an awards show in a Diet Pepsi truck. Also featured are Eva Longoria ("Desperate Housewives"), Carson Daly ("The Carson Daly Show") and Wilmer Valderrama ("That 70's Show").
Caff: **** - Nice way to incorporate the brand into the creative in a different way. The suped up truck with the club inside it was funny. I'm not sure it needed all the celebrities.
Dab: *** - This ad was the best argument for "don't believe the hype surrounding celebs, only fools do" that I've ever seen. Doesn't that undermine Pepsi's celeb-hyped ad though? ;)
Clay: *** - Pimp my Pepsi.

Bubblicious - LeBron's Lightning Lemonade: "LeBron James"- :15
Ad Agency: J. Walter Thompson, NY
Director: Josh & Xander of Partizan
Summary: Court lights snap on in a deserted arena as LeBron James takes the court chewing his LeBron's Lightning Lemonade. He encourages vieweres to "B-Explosive".
Caff: ** - not terrible but nothing really very "creative" or exciting. Shame the creative wasn't "explosive".
Dab: ** - Not even Lebron can make bubblicious cool.
Clay: ** - Coming up next - LeBron James Preparation H

Olympus Imaging America-"Let Your Pictures Groove 1" - :30
Ad Agency: Martin Agency, Richmond, VA
Director: Dave Meyers, from @radical media
Choreography: Hihat
Music: "Pure Gold," by the group called the Offcuts.
Summary: A stylish young male who, armed with the Olympus m:robe, travels through a variety of different lifestyle scenarios inspiring cool, alternative dance moves in people you wouldn't expect to be able to groove, including an elderly tourist couple and a little boy playing pinata at his birthday party. Viewers will be lead to - where they learn the dance techniques, morph themselves into a Poplockin' dance routine, and get in the groove with the m:robe digital music player.
Caff: ***** - Great music, fun demonstration of the product. Nice one.
Dab: **** - Four stars Only if the dancing is real. Three if it's posted. I suspect it's posted.
Clay: *** - I need to see a chiropractor after viewing this.

FedEx: "Ten Things" - :45
Ad Agency: BBDO, NY
Summary: Actor Burt Reynolds and a dancing bear star inform us ten things to consider when making a Super Bowl ad.
Caff: ***** - Great! Have to love a spot that makes fun of Super Bowl spots, especially when it is a Super Bowl spot.
Dab: **** - Fedex has done amazing ads in the past, this one was almost an A+. But only almost. Making fun of the super-ad-gags right down to the comic relief end-shot makes me, and I am sure others, laugh. Worth a chuckle, and as product benefits are optional, it doesn't matter that they never really mentioned what Fedex does. We've known what they do ever since fast talking man burned it into our brains. ;)
Clay: ***** - They were determined, and they came pretty close to doing it.

Anheuser-Busch - Bud Light : Cedric "the Entertainer"- "Island Fantasy"
Ad Agency: DDB Worldwide, Chicago
Summary: Cedric is in a bar and has an island fantasy including two bikini-clad women, until he screws it up.
Caff: *** - Somwhat amusing.
Dab: * - Extremly predictable from an advertiser who can do better.
Clay: ** - They coasted through this one by combining two earlier Bud spots. Sorry, Cedric.

Ford Motor Co. - Volvo: "Volvo XC90 - Richard Branson/Space"- :30
Ad Agency: Euro RSCG MVBMS, NY
Summary: A mysterious astronaut turns out to be Richard Branson. Launches campaign for eight-cylinder version of Volvo XC90 sport utility vehicle and an online sweepstakes for a chance to win a trip into space on Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic. The commercial directs viewers to
Caff: ** - The idea is interesting. The commercial didn't live up to the amazingness of the information though. Fell flat.
Dab: ** - Hahaha, the only thing that redeems the ad is the attempt at humor with the alarm/lock from space, and the bumper sticker on the shuttle.
Clay: *** - It's nice that Sir Branson found work after that FOX reality show.

Pepsi-Cola Co.- Diet Pepsi-"Guy Watcher" :30
Ad Agency: DDB, NY
Director: Joe Pytka, PYTKA
Summary: A good-looking guy walking down the street while drinking a Diet Pepsi catches the attention of a number of admirers, including supermodel Cindy Crawford.
Caff: **** - The only reason this gets four stars is because of Carson Kressley's, of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy fame, reaction on the street. Using Cindy was a waste of money.
Dab: *** - Bonus points for the dog. The dog made that spot.
Clay: *** - Bonus point for getting Cindy and Carson in the same spot. "Preceedings"
Ad Agency:Ad Store, NY
Summary: Ad pokes fun at TV censorship with a spot more racy than the one that didn't make it through.
Caff: ** - Seems like a spot created just for chatter, especially considering the banned ad was more tame than the one that made it to air. Will anyone remember who it was for without all the gossip about the banned ad?
Dab: * - I'm so glad that I turned GoDaddy down when they asked to advertise on this site. I don't mind if the whole world now knows that I can't stand GoDaddy and would never use their service after these ads and "the hype". They'd be wise if they invested their money on a better site (with less flashy ads) rather than this.
Clay: ** - Hmm... more skin than the "banned" one... Ladies and gentlemen, I believe we fell for the hype.

Anheuser-Busch - Bud Light: "Picture Phone"
Ad Agency: DDB Worldwide, NY
Summary: Two guys call their buddy to taunt him that they are at the game, meanwhile their buddy takes pictures of where he is, one of the guy's apartment- and with his girlfriend and Bud Light.
Caff: **** - Nice, nice.
Dab: *** - Heh, I love the way they both lean their heads...
Clay: *** - Ok, I found it evil funny.

McDonalds: "Lincon Fry- Part 2" - :60
Ad Agency: DDB, Chicago
Summary: A boy tries to bid on eBay for a french fry with a profile resembling Abraham Lincoln. Leads viewers to
Caff: **** - Probably one of the better spots McDonald's has done in ages. I was pleasantly surprised. Although I didn't find it funny. The eBay spoof has kinda run its course with all the crazy stunts in the last few years.
Dab: ** - Drab. Not worth the energy to try and smile at even.
Clay: *** - Bonus point for Honest Takamichi.

Visa: "Superheros" - :30
Ad Agency: BBDO, NY
Summary: A woman cries out for help from a dark city street, distressed that a stolen Visa check card will be easily used by a thief to drain her checking account. Marvel comic book heros, including Spider-Man and Captain America, rush to her aid, only to be disappointed by the false alarm because Visa cardholders are not liable for any fraudulent charges.
Caff: *** - Not terrible but nothing that made me really stop from being tempted to get up and go grab another drink.
Dab: *** - They even got Thor in this one, but where is Dangermouse?
Clay: *** - Spidey sounds like Marty McFly/Calvin Klein - I like that.

AmeriQuest Mortgage Co.: "Robbery" - :30
Ad Agency: DDB Direct, Los Angeles
Summary: Feature everyday people who are caught in situations that are misinterpreted by observers. In this one a customer is mistaken for a robber because he's using an earbud to talk on his cell phone.
Caff: *** - Unexpected. Made me laugh. I think the other spot was better.
Dab: **** - Oh admit it, you've always wanted to mace those incessant mobile phone chatters. The electric cattle prod is just a bonus! ZzzzzAP!
Clay: **** - The world needs more physical comedy like this. Plus, the commercial has nothing to
do with the product, so it's almost the perfect Super Bowl commercial! Bravo.

Quiznos: Baby Bob At The Pool
Ad Agency:
Summary: An ad already running, this features Baby Bob relaxing at the pool with a sexy older woman.
Caff: ** - Eh. It's a shame the ads aren't more humerous.
Dab: ** Baby Bob gives me the creeps.

MBNA Corp.: "Gladys Knight"- :30
Ad Agency: WPP's The Helm, NY
Summary: Gladys Knight ends up in the middle of an England rugby game, playing in a glittery dress. "If you're into it, we're into it."
Caff: ** - Welcome to "pointless use of celebrity".
Dab: *** - Too bizarre, as a Rugby fan I couldn't help but laugh
Clay: *** - When this aired, I'm betting 99% of America was going "What's that they're playing!?" Gladys is a true sport though.

Honda Motor Co - Honda Brand: Ridgeline "Peaks"- :30
Ad Agency: RPA, Santa Monica
CD: David Smith
Director: Erich Joiner, TOOL
Executive Producer: Gary Paticoff
Special effects company: The Orphanage
Summary: Launching pickup truck Ridgeline, the spot shows the all-new four-wheel drive truck going through its paces over rugged terrain and large-scale peaks. The spot ends on top of a ridge as the voiceover, Clancy Brown of the HBO series "Carnivale" announces, "Above All, It's a Honda."
Caff: * - *Yawn* Do we have to see a "car in its paces" during the Super Bowl? We get enough of that during the rest of the year.
Dab: * - Why peaks?
Clay: ** - At least they got a cool little jump in there.

Anheuser-Busch - Budweiser: "Donkey- Look What You Started"
Ad Agency: DDB Worldwide, Chicago
Summary: Wild animals all head to the Clydesdales headquarters to follow in the steps of the donkey from last year.
Caff: ***** - Love this Donkey.
Dab: ** The Donkey is sooo last year people. Keep up.
Clay: *** - More donkey!

Frito-Lay: "Fence"- :30
Ad Agency: Spike DDB, NY
Director: Spike Lee
Summary: : A cranky homeowner who won't return a kid's ball after it lands in his yard. After a bag of Lay's is tossed over the fence, he returns not only the ball but also other lost items he's hoarded over the years, including MC Hammer who then dances to the tune of "Can't Touch This."
Caff: *** - Poor Hammer. Didn't he lose the "mc" before he became obscure?
Dab: ** So that's where he's been. The best thing about this ad is learning that the Hammer can make fun of himself. What brand was it for?
Clay: *** - Cheesy but kinda fun.

Subway: "Parking Lot"- :60
Ad Agency: Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, SF
Summary: Police approach a car with fogged-up windows, expecting to find lovers inside. Instead they find two teen boys in the car eating new, toasted sub sandwiches.
Caff: *** - A refreshing change from Jared. Only got a "heh" from me though. Missing the humor.
Dab: *** Yaknow, for all the bile those Quizno's spongemonkeys attracted they must have been doing something right at Subway's main competitor, as I remember that Quizno's is"mmm mmm toasty" and that sounds yummy to me, and here comes subway with a toasted scenario as well. Steaming hot one at that. Pretty funny, but could have been edited a wee bit better, I don't like that the guy in the passenger seat is very much obscured when the window is rolled down, and later the subject for a closeup. Feels disjointed.
Clay: ***** - Five ironic stars for Winger! Somewhere, Stuart is smiling.

Pepsi-Cola Co. - Pepsi/iTunes: "Bottle Songs"- :45
Ad Agency: TBWA, Playa del Rey
Director: Baker Smith
Summary: Featuring a number of popular tracks from a series of music genres. The spot illustrates how winning a free song from the Pepsi iTunes promotion is as easy and opening the bottle. People in various situations twist off the caps and music plays, or in some cases they close the cap to stop the music from playing. Ends with "Your song is in the bottle."
Caff: **** - Nice. It is a bit like their concept from before, although the sweeps is too, so I guess it makes sense. Shot well.
Dab: ** very "whatever" in my book.

Unilever - Degree: "Mama's Boy" -:30
Ad Agency: Lowe Worldwide, NY
Summary: A "Mama's Boy" doll is pushed around by his Mama doll. "He never sweats because he doesn't risk leaving his Mama," says the spokesman for "Dull Co." toys. Spot directs viewers to a Web site devoted to "In-Action" hero dolls,
Caff: *** - I'd give this four stars for the first half of the spot, but the ending is too abrupt and a horrible juxtoposition to the beginning of the spot.
Dab: *** Ha! I actually want some of these dolls. ;) My mother is a travel agent of guilt trips.
Clay: *** - The magnet action kinda looked unfortunately sexual to me. Gross!

Pepsi-Cola Co.- Pepsi/iTunes: "Rich Girl"- :30
Ad Agency: TBWA, Playa del Rey
Director: Baker Smith
Summary: A edited remix verison on the :45 that also features singers Gwen Stefani and Eve.
Caff: ** - A much less interesting ad compared to the :45 which ran before it. Also, seems like we have another contender for "pointless use of celebrity" and waste of money.
Dab: ** I prefer Lady Saws version. Yikes, is Gwen wearing a bikini and fur collar? Nice legs.
Clay: **** - It has Gwen midriff, so it's all right with me.

General Motors - Cadillac: "Barrels"- :60
Ad Agency: Chemistri, Troy, Michigan
Director: Peter Thwaites
Summary: Highlights the performance credentials of all three vehicles in the V-Series line-up that include the CTS-V, STS-V and XLR-V, focusing on their ability to go 0-60 m.p.h. in under five seconds.
Caff: ** - Ooh like a shot out of a gun, I see. Seemed rather full of innuendo to me.
Dab: *** I thought "shotgun" was something you said to get the best seat...? ;) Nicely shot ad, porn for the need-for-speed types who probably are the target market for this V-series machine. The 5-second films competition feels really awkwardly tacked onto this exercise in telling a short story in as many frames as possible (60 seconds). I bet money that was a client compromise. Either advertise the car or the 5-second film thing.
Clay: *** - Slick production. However, it sounded like a part fell off the car when it blasted out of the tunnel - darn GM craftsmanship.

Career Builder: "Apology"- :30s
Ad Agency: Cramer-Krasselt, Chicago
Director: Bryan Buckley
Production: Hungry Man
Summary: Chimps in business suits at the office. Features the line "I work with a bunch of monkeys," even though they aren't monkeys, but chimps, that is great apes.
Caff: Automatic point deductions for having the line be "monkeys" when they are chimps. Basic idea is ok if not overused and run into the ground, but well, it's hard to get past the fact that they can't tell the difference between a chimp and a monkey.
Dab: ** "It's just that I work with a bunch of monkeys". Well, the ads hero won't be getting a job at the zoo, as he's surrounded by chimps which are great apes, not monkeys. Monkeys probably wrote that line.
Clay: *** - Every year, someone must have a Super Bowl spot with a Chimp in it. This is that one. Not too shabby though.

Anheuser-Busch - Bud Light: "Cockatoo"
Ad Agency: DDB Worldwide, NY
Summary: An overprotective bird keeps a man at a bar away from a girl and the Bud Light.
Caff: *** - Bird was sorta funny.
Dab: *** I need to get me one of them body-guard birds.
Clay: *** - Polly wanna cockfight.

Consentino - Silestone: "I am Diana Pearl"
Ad Agency: Freed Advertising, Sugarland, TX
Production: VT2 Stuidos
Summary: Features Dennis Rodman, Mike Ditka, William "The Refrigerator" Perry and Jim McMahon, fighting about which countertop color best expresses their personalities.
Caff: ** - It was ok. Boarderline on "pointless use of celebrity".
Dab: * Who the eff is Diana Pearl? What is that "Microban®" that Silestone will soon be featuring? Why do I care? Is Dennis Rodman still famous?
Clay: ** - Shouldn't they be selling this stuff during a PGA tournament?

Michelob - Amber Bock: "Set the Mood"
Ad Agency: DDB, NY
Summary: A guy tries but cannot be both smooth and rich like Michelob.
Caff: **** - Points for gusto.
Dab: ** If that beer tasted as good as it looks, I'd much rather have one of them than the company of the two sad guys in the commercial. Pretty Cheeky.
Clay: *** - Anheuser-Busch likes to rip on guys with sweaters draped over their shoulders - God bless Anheuser-Busch.

NFL Network: "Tomorrow '05"- :60
Ad agency: Triple Double
Summary: Reminds fans that NFL Network is there for them in the off-season. Using the tag line "NFL Network: Where Football Season Never Ends", the spot features NFL stars disappointed that they are not in this year's Super Bowl, and features Ben Roethlisberger, Joe Montana, Curtis Martin, Jon Gruden, Steve McNair, Roy Williams, Daunte Culpepper, Byron Leftwich, Ephraim Salaam, Marvin Lewis, and Chad Johnson.
Caff: **** - Nice.
Dab: **** - It gave me a giggle, "hey kids shut up!"
Clay: **** - Not as good as last year's rendition, but still quite all right.

Ford Motor Co. - Mustang Convertible: "Green Light"
Ad Agency: J Walter Thompson, Detroit
Summary: Original ad pulled. Ad opens on a stark, snowy landscape in the middle of nowhere. A red Mustang GT Convertible, top down, waits at the middle of an otherwise deserted intersection, even though the stoplight is green. A police car pulls up behind it, gets out of his car and finds that the driver is frozen solid. The voiceover tells viewers, "You just don't introduce a convertible this irresistible in the middle of winter. Coming this spring, the 2005 Mustang Convertible."
Caff: ***** - Very cool. *smirk* Nice use of grim humor. Nicely produced.
Dab: ***** This is hands down, the best ad in the entire bowl 2005. Not that they had much competition.
Clay: ***** I love this spot. Dark and clever. The sheriff ain't no Francis McDormand, but I won't hold that against him. I wonder how it will hold up in the inevitable fifteen second edit?

Olympus Imaging America: "Let Your Pictures Groove 2" - :30
Ad Agency: Martin Agency, Richmond, VA
Director: Dave Meyers, from @radical media
Choreography: Hihat
Music: "Pure Gold," by the group called the Offcuts. "Jacques Your Body," from the UK group called Les Rhythmes Digitals (LRD)
Summary: a stylish young male who, armed with the Olympus m:robe, travels through a variety of different lifestyle scenarios inspiring cool, alternative dance moves in people you wouldn't expect to be able to groove, including two bridesmaids and a couple of football tailgaters. Viewers will be lead to - where they learn the dance techniques, morph themselves into a Poplockin' dance routine, and get in the groove with the m:robe digital music player.
Caff: **** - Another good spot with funky sounds and good choreography.
Dab: **** - See them girls look posted.. God I hope it's not posted. It's posted innit? Daaaamn.
Clay: *** - Once again, ouch! My back!

Mcllhenny Company's Tabasco: "Tan Lines"- :30
Ad Agency: DDB, Dallas
Music: Disco Inferno
Summary: Features a woman on the beach wearing a Tabasco bikini who gets burned only where the bikini touches her skin.
Caff: **** - Sexy without going too over the top. I'm still more fond of Mosquito. As one of the fella's put it at the party I was at, "That was hot." Oh the puns! *wink* Better not think about this one too hard else it'd go down quite a bit in the rating, like why would you want to put on a bikini that would burn your skin...and...
Dab: * - Makes no sense but I'm sure the boys like the babe.
Clay: ***** - Because Dabitch and Caff scored it lower.

NFL Network: "Everything Starts Somewhere"- :30
Ad agency: Triple Double
Director: Don Cheadle
Summary: Shows moments of brilliance with 30 clips in 30 seconds of players during the last 38 years after their team won the Super Bowl. Done in High Definitin Format
Caff: **** - Nice editing and well shot.
Dab: *** - Boring history lesson, could have been miles better, even the actor is bored stiff.

Anheuser-Busch: "Heroes Salute/Thank You"- :60
Ad Agency: DDB Worldwide, Chicago
Summary: Serviespeople walk through an airport terminal, returning home, and the entire airport explodes with applause.
Caff: ** - It's a nice idea and everything, but maybe a bit overly schmaltzy. Especially when it's so obviously staged with actors instead of random people at the airport. Then again the people at the airport probably wouldn't do that, so you need to use actors.
Dab: ----- I decline to comment on this ad as I am not American.
Clay: **** - Ok, it was right up there with the Clydesdales Bow spot. I felt it. No snark comment for this one.

Napster: "Do the math"- :30
Ad Agency: In-house
Summary: Designed to look like the raucous crowd at the game, we see some fans painted in letters that spell out the word "N-a-p-s-t-e-r." The camera pans the stands until it spies the Napster "kitty" icon holding up a sign that reads "Do the math. How much will it cost to fill up your player?"
Caff: ** - The product is more cool than the creative in this spot.
Dab: * Napster is dead.
Clay: * - I did the math. You get one star for this one.

Staples: "Easy Button"- :30
Ad Agency: McCann-Erickson, New York
Summary: Existing spot that launched current 'Easy Button' campaign. Super Adgrunts, view the spot here).
Caff: *** - For effort but not for creating new creative to run.

AmeriQuest Mortgage Co.: "Romantic Dinner/Cat" - :30
Ad Agency: DDB Direct, Los Angeles
Summary: The two commercials feature everyday people who are caught in situations that are misinterpreted by observers. One includes a romantic dinner that goes awry after cat knocks over spaghetti sauce.
Caff: ***** - This one was head and shoulders above their prior spot from tonight.
Dab: **** - Cat with nine lives gave a good laugh. What a mess, boyfriends could be thrown out for less. ;)
Clay: ***** - Was a four star spot until the final scene - gave me the best laugh of the night.
Directed by Glenn Close. "Whoopie Cushion"- :30s
Ad Agency: Cramer-Krasselt, Chicago
Director: Bryan Buckley
Production: Hungry Man
Summary: Chimps in business suits at the office. This one features the chimps joking around.
Caff: **- Chimps were cute. Ad wasn't. Someone dealt it and it was the creative. ;)
Dab: * - Oh c'mon.
Clay: Chimp + Farting Noises = *** 2/3

Cialis: "Be My Baby"- :60
Ad Agency: Grey Worldwide, NY
Summary: A series of vignettes of older couples in playful or romantic settings, set to the 1963 tune "Be My Baby" by The Ronettes.
Caff: * - Dreadfully dull.
Clay: * - Ok, these greedy buggers have made, like, nineteen zillion dollars with their penis mightier, so you think they coulda sprung for some more new footage? No! That would upset the stockholders! Instead, cobble together a few new bits with the same schlock they've aired since their debut. Nobody will know the difference!
Dab: * - hehehe, Clay said penis mightier.

Honda Motor Co - Honda Brand: "Belt Buckles"-- :30
Ad Agency: RPA, Santa Monica
CD: David Smith
Director: Erich Joiner, TOOL
Executive Producer: Gary Paticoff
Summary: Launches Ridgeline pickup truck. The spot demonstrates the vehicle's "unique innovations that include an industry first In-Bed Trunk(TM) and integrated truck frame". The truck ends up on a ridge as the final line, "Above all, it's a Honda," is delivered.
Caff: * - *Yawn*. More trucks doing their paces.

Dab: ** - Pfft. It's only redeeming quality was that it reminded me of that old advert with the Bush Belt Buckle, and a womans hand holding a Bush beer that foams over her hand, while the VO says: "Get yourself a Buuuuush." Then I woke up and realized this was a honda ad with no sexual innuendo, or sex appeal for that matter. Blah.
Clay: *** - Nice, but sorry. A cowboy would never wear a Honda belt buckle.

Verizon Wireless - VCast: "Get Tiny"- :60
Ad Agency: McCann Erickson, New York
Director: Kinka Usher
Production: House of Usher
Summary: Star studded spot features Kid Rock, Melissa Rivers, Brian Seacrest, Shawn Peter and others. They are shrunk down to fit into the new VCast Service that offers TV quality video for cell phones.
Caff: *** - Communicates the product well enough. Although rendition of Video Killed the Radio Star was awful.
Dab: *** - Only for blowing Xtina away. Is that Video Killed The Radio Star I hear in the background?
Clay: *** - It would've gotten four stars if somebody would have stepped on Kid Rock - for
comedic effect, of course.

Toyota- Prius: Hybrid Synergy Drive: "Stand Still"
Ad Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, Los Angeles
Summary: People and transportation are trying to move but are only moving in place, until they see the Prius.
Caff: *** - Nice post.
Dab: *** - Just for the cool post, the idea did not impress me much.
Clay: *** - Excellent car spot. For Saturn.

Anheuser-Busch - Bud Select: "Pucker Up"
Ad Agency: DDB Worldwide, Chicago
Summary: Using the current Bud format of beer in a glass.
Caff: * - Eh. Didn't make me care at all.
Dab: * - Aftertaste? You guys are lucky if a Bud has any taste at all silly.
Clay: ** - Looks like a beer commercial from the 80s. Cool new crown though.

Mastercard: "Supermarket Icons"
Ad Agency: McCann Erickson, NY
Director: Kinka Usher
Production: House of Usher
Summary: Ten well-known U.S. grocery brand icons including Count Chocula, Chef Boyardee, Mr. Peanut, the Pillsbury Doughboy, Charlie the Tuna, the Jolly Green Giant, the Morton Salt Girl, Gorton's Fisherman, Mr. Clean and the Vlasic Stork share dinner.
Caff: *** - Sounded like it was a better idea than it ended up being.
Dab: ** - Too many brand icons, too old of a campaign.
Clay: Didn't Super Target do this in 2003? Yup.

Emerald Nuts of California: "Unicorns"- :30
Ad Agency: Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, SF
Production: The Syndicate, Los Angeles, CA
Post Production: Michael Killen and Jim Kreitzburg of Animal, Pittsburgh, PA.
Summary: A father tries to avoid sharing his Emerald nuts with his daughter by claiming if he does, Santa Claus, a unicorn and the Easter Bunny will disappear. But each of them appears in the living room telling him he is wrong.
Caff: **** - Great acting by the kid and I liked the Easter Bunny's attitude.
Dab: **** - Whatever the creatives were smoking, they should keep smoking it. It worked. I dig that the dad and daughter aren't sugary-sweet purdy people to, makes the surreal a little more real... If that makes any sense. I'm sorry I didn't mean to Bogart this.
Clay: **** - Wow. They mentioned the product name four times in thirty seconds, and I didn't mind. Spiffy evolution of the earlier campaign. Make more! Oh, yeah... and bring back the leprechaun.

Anheuser-Busch: Don't Drink & Drive - "Cedric Designated Driver"- :30
Ad Agency: DDB Worldwide, Chicago
Summary: A fan gestures to buy Cedric "the Entertainer" a Bud Light from across a crowded bar. Cedric declines the offer by gesturing back that he is the designated driver. In the noise and confusion, the fan, and the rest of the patrons in the bar, take Cedric's gesture for a fun, new dance move that sends a powerful message about how universally accepted designating a driver has become. As the tagline says, "Designate a Driver. Everybody's Doing it."
Caff: **** - Good in a silly kind of way.
Dab: *** - Not great, not crap, and the dance could actually work..
Clay: *** - Cedric gets three stars for the hat.

Career Builder:"Titanic"- :30Ad Agency: Cramer-Krasselt, Chicago
Director: Bryan Buckley
Production: Hungry Man
Summary: Chimps in business suits at the office. Features the line "I work with a bunch of monkeys," even though they aren't monkeys, but chimps. In this spot we see corporate chimp butt kissing.
Caff: **** - Only for accurately portraying too many meetings in conference rooms. Best of these chimp ads.
Dab: *** - Just for the name Titanic. The butt kissing was overdone.
Clay: **** - I think I can relate a little too well with this one. (shudder)

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    Feb 08, 2005

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