The SuperBowl shortlink post for your clicking pleasure.

We have a lot of things to post, and super bowl previews, sneak peaks and full commercials are sliding away from the front page. This is a sticky post to remind all that you can shortcut straight to them via the 2009 Super Bowl XLIII commercials topic. Meanwhile, Super Bowl advertising related news is under the SuperBowl reviews and news category where you can find our top best and worst listings as well as other news. The so-called "banned" PETA advert however is in neither - but you can find that posted here as well, lets see if you get a craving for salad or a 100% beef thermometer when watching it. (p.s. we have the worlds largest super bowl commercial collection which is why we're going so nuts about it!) Don't forget to check out the Super Bowl Commercial Drinking Game we created last year to make the ads even better and the reviewing more fun.

For those with doodle skills I'd like to remind you that Robblink has a competition going on right now where you can win the "Working Holiday in London" book by Art director Gwen Yip - do join in!

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