Superduper Super Bowl Commercial Spoiler - UPDATED!

Alright folks, it's nearly game time. So far we have a good list and have added some new players to the supposed lineup for Super Bowl XL this Sunday.

As always, if you'd like to be surprised, don't look. ;-)

First Quarter:
Burger King One :60 (after kick-off)
Summary: The King and Brooke Burke star in an over-the-top production in the spirit of MGM's 1930s musicals: 92 "Whopperettes" dressed as burgers, flames, pickles, lettuce and tomatoes will sing and dance to new lyrics for the famous "Have it Your Way" jingle.
Ad Agency: Crispin Porter & Bogusky, Miami, Fla.

Bayer- Aleve One :30
Summary:Leonard Nimoy shows how "Aleve allows you to be your best self" when his hand pain gets in the way of a gig. (Perhaps autograph signing at Star Trek convention maybe??)
Ad Agency: Energy BBDO, Chicago

Toyota Motor Corp. - 2007 Camry Hybrid- Bilingual (super adgrunts see it now) :30
Summary: A Hispanic father is driving his young son in their new hybrid Toyota Camry. When the father explains how the hybrid car switches between gas and electric power, the son compares it to the way his father can switch between English and Spanish.
Ad Agency: Conill Advertising, Torrance, Calif

Second Quarter:
General Motors Corp. - Cadillac 2007 Escalade Sport Utility One :60
Summary: Featuring 8 Supermodels, the car is revealed using a fashion show concept. Celebrities Marcus Allen, Rachel Hunter, Vida Guerra, Jadakiss and renowned Vogue and Victoria's Secret supermodel Oluchi.
Ad Agency: Leo Burnett, Detriot

Sprint Two :30 (2nd & 3rd quarter)
Summary: Sprint phone doubles as theft deterrent OR
man downloads music for any occasion from Sprint phone. One was created by a special effects master that worked on "The Lion, Witch & the Wardrobe."
Ad Agency: TBWA/Chiat Day, New York

Ford Motor Co. - Escape Hybrid SUV:30
Summary: A backpacking Kermit the frog shows how green is good with the fuel-efficient Escape Hybrid SUV.
Ad Agency: JWT, Detroit


Third Quarter:
Nationwide Insurance One :30-second - second break
Summary: Part of "Life Comes at Your Fast" campaign, Fabio is in a gondola with a woman. There is much Harlequin romance imagery and when Fabio hands the woman a rose, she looks up to see him as a 85-year old man.
Ad Agency: TM Advertising, Irving, Texas

American Home Health One :30 - PS line of home antibacterial soaps and disinfectants.
Summary: People in biohazard suits doing everyday things such as taking the garbage out, riding a bicycle, and belly-flopping into a backyard pool in a suburban setting.
Ad Agency: Ronin Advertising Group, Coconut Grove, Fla.

Sprint Two :30 (2nd & 3rd quarter)
Summary: Sprint phone doubles as theft deterrent OR
man downloads music for any occasion from Sprint phone. One was created by a special effects master that worked on "The Lion, Witch & the Wardrobe."
Ad Agency: TBWA/Chiat Day, New York

Fourth Quarter:
Beer Institute -"Slainte"
Summary:People of different races, genders, ethnic backgrounds and cultures around the world enjoying beer and offering their own version of "cheers." (Sliante a is Gaelic toast) The spot aims to drive traffic to, created by Cannonball, St. Louis.
Ad Agency: DDB Chicago
Director: Iain Mackenzie
Production Company: tight
Additional info: This spot is a universal salute to beer, for which director Iain Mackenzie of tight traveled to the Czech Republic, Kenya, Canada, and Australia to capture teams of celebrants toasting beer. Time and other constraints prevented Mackenzie from literally traveling to every spot in the world, so the production searched the countries they did visit for locations that could offer the sense of a global salute. The end result is a spot that conveys a love of beer on behalf of countries, cities, and cultures the world over.

Anheuser-Busch -"Bud TV" :30 (??)
Summary: Code-named "The Bud Screen," it will debut sometime during the fourth quarter. It is the launch of a new offering allowing viewers the opportunity to download advertising, programming and branded entertainment content directly to their computers, iPods and other devices. It's expected to be branded "Bud TV" and will encourage Super Bowl viewers to sign up for a "season's pass" to the new channel, which will periodically download content undetected on their hard drives until they are ready to use it.
Ad Agency: Unknown

MasterCard :30
Summary: MacGyver (played by Richard Dean Anderson) buys items to make a lifesaving gadget with his card.
Ad Agency: McCann-Erickson, New York

Emerald of California One :30
Summary:Builds on the word-game approach Emerald took last year using the letters E and N witha druid and a machete enthusiast
Ad Agency: Goodby Silverstein & Partners, San Francisco
CW: Will Elliott/ AD: Stacy Milrany

Unknown air time:
Honda Motor Co. - Ridgeline One 30-second spot in the 3rd or 4th Quarter
Summary: Creative promotes the Honda Ridgeline pickup truck by bringing trucking icons to life.
Ad Agency: RPA, Santa Monica, Calif.

Motorola - Moto - Pebl
Summary:Meteoric explosion creates the new Pebl phone.
Ad Agency: 180 Amsterdam

Ameriquest Mortgage Co. - Two :30s
Summary: In one a patient's family walks in on a medical misunderstanding and the other is based on an awkward situation caused by airplane turbulence.
Ad Agency: DDB, Los Angeles
Director: Craig Gillespie, MJZ

Career Two :30s
Summary:In one spot chimps celebrate a strong sales quarter. In the other employees condole each other about workplace animals.
Ad Agency: Cramer Krasselt, Chicago

ESPN- Mobile ESPN - "Sports Heaven" One :60
Summary: A fan flips open his phone and is surrounded by a swarm of athletes including baseball player Jim Edmonds, gymnast Carly Patterson, boxer Jeff Lacy (known as Left Hook), basketball player Stephon Marbury, and national spelling bee champion.
Ad Agency: Arnold Worldwide, Boston

Summary: Cave man uses prehistoric overnight delivery via pterodactyl.
Ad Agency: BBDO, New York
AD: Steve Pacheco

Procter & Gamble Co. - Gillette Fusion Razor :30 and :60
Summary: The launch of a $100 million campaign, the spots feature the classic Gillette slogan, "The Best a Man Can Get." The ads are set at a secret research lab somewhere in the Mojave Desert. Scientists in white lab coats rev up a high-tech contraption to fuse together Gillette's new five-blade razor.
Ad Agency: BBDO, New York

Pepsi-Cola Co.- Diet Pepsi: "Hip-Hop Can" (:60)first and second quarters
Summary: The can's agent, Jay Mohr, meets with each celebrity to make sure his client gets the best deal. Sean (P. Diddy) Combs turns to Diet Pepsi to help him produce a new hit song. They both go into the studio to create a new track, "Brown and Bubbly," that immediately races up the charts.
Ad Agency: DDB, New York

Pepsi-Cola Co. - Diet Pepsi "Stunt Can" (:30)first and second quarters
Summary: The can's agent, Jay Mohr, meets with each celebrity to make sure his client gets the best deal. Jackie Chan looks to co-star with Diet Pepsi in his next big action movie. Once on the set, Jackie finds a clever solution to a tricky problem.
Ad Agency: DDB, New York

Pepsi-Cola Co. - Sierra Mist :30
Summary: The can doesn't make it through airport security.
Ad Agency: BBDO, New York

Toyota Tacoma
Summary: Tacoma pickup rides out the incoming tide.
Ad Agency: No info yet

Summary: No word.
Ad Agency: MMB, Boston

Unilever- Degree- "Stunt City"
Summary: An adaptation of the European commercial Stunt City for Sure, set in a make-believe city whose only residents are stuntmen.
Ad Agency: Lowe Worldwide, London
Director: Ivan Zacharias

Unilever- Dove :45
Summary: Young girls talk about self-esteem and accepting themselves for who they are. It suggests ways adults can make a difference in how girls feel about themselves. Music: Girl Scouts of Nassau County Chorus from Long Island, New York sing"True Colors."
Ad Agency: Ogilvy & Mather

AT&T- "Transparency" :30 (pre-game/coin toss/in game for 13 states previously served by the co.)
Summary: Special effects to make the world look transparent - revealing AT&T's hidden telecom network
Ad Agency: GSD&M and Rogers Townsend

Pizza Hut 10 spots pregame
Summary: Showcasing the Muppets, and singer Jessica Simpson. Miss Piggy and Simpson will wear matching outfits.
Ad Agency:
Summary:Today their 14th version submitted to ABC passed and was approved to be aired. Features the GoDaddy woman (of course) sending a man reaching for his oxygen.
Ad Agency: The Ad Store, NY

Anheuser Busch 8 of the 10 spots
Summary: No info yet- So far we know they will include spots for Budweiser, Bud Light, Michelob Ultra Amber. Also possible: AB, and a Don't Drink & Drive type spot.

- A junior Clydesdale getting some uncredited help from its parents. (DDB)
- A sheep is a big fan of the big game
- Stadium turns a wave into a Bud promotion.

For Bud Light:
Possible six spots launch a new campaign "Always Worth It" which shows the lengths people go to get a Bud Light:
- A young manager whose employee incentive plan is hiding Bud Light around the office.
- A pair of roommates who refuse to share their fridge of Bud Light with guests. (DDB Worldwide)
- Bud Light fans who pretend to do household fix-it jobs while really drinking Bud Light.
- Two slacker guys try to escape from a grizzly bear, and Bud Light helps save the day.

Michelob Ultra Amber:
- A touch football game gets ugly.
Ad Agency(s): TBD

Rumor is that GM will air the Monster spot from last year as well for Hummer. SuperAdgrunts, see it here.

New Line Cinema One Spot, length unknown
Spot will promote "Running Scared," an action thriller with Paul Walker
Ad Agency: In-house

Buena Vista Pictures One spot, length unknown Will promote "Shaggy Dog" remake starring Tim Allen
Ad Agency: In-house

Warner Bros. Three :30s
For three films -- "Poseidon," the remake of "Poseidon Adventure"; "V for Vendetta," with Natalie Portman; and "16 Blocks," a copy movie starring Bruce Willis and Mos Def
Ad Agency: In-house

Paramount: "Mission Impossible III"
Ad Agency: In-house

Magnolia Films: "The World's Fastest Indian"
Ad Agency: In-house

NFL ADS: Vote for Super Bowl MVP.
NFL Mobile - Fan checks scores at checkout line.
NFL Network - A nation of NFL fans and players.
NFL/United Way - Players support United Way.

Philadelphia-based Chosen Dance Company will offer pride to the city as they showcase their Hip Hop dance talents in a 30-second, nationally televised commercial spots for the National Football League (NFL) touting Super Bowl Champion Collection at NFL Shop ( or 1.877.NFL.Shop)after the SB.
The creative concept was envisioned and executed by NFL Films art director Penny Ashman.

Coca Cola - Full Throttle :60, plus a total of 2.5 minutes pre-game
Pizza Hut (J.Simpson ad here)
Master Card 30-second pre-game spot-McCann-Erickson, New York
GM - "Live Green Go Yellow" both pre and post game
Blockbuster- both pre and post game

Cadillac spot- featuring The Marching Wildcats

United Airlines- "Dragon" just before halftime. Airing in Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Washington, D.C., :60 is set to George Gershwin's "Rhapsody in Blue."

Frontier Airlines- Denver only
Waiting, Ultimatum, and Reaction.
Continue a recent campaign involving one of the "talking" animals that adorn the carrier's planes. In the ads, Flip the dolphin tries to elicit consumer support to get Frontier to change his daily route to Mexico instead of Chicago. Frontier plans to air four separate ads during the Super Bowl, culminating with a spot in which the company "decides" whether to send Flip to Mexico.

AirTrans Airways- Shown in Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago
Six spots to be aired are from their 2005 Go campaign. They will include: Shipping, Client dinner, Fired/Last Minute, Conference Call, Channeling and Room Service.

Nissan 2006 Xterra- Spot markets (which ones are unknown)
Launches a new campaign directing people to ShowUsYourX where consumers can share what "X" means to them. The ads show a kayaker jumping off an icy cliff into a river, a surfer getting tossed by fantastic waves and two snowboarders being helicopter-dropped onto a mountain and skating down through the fresh powder.

Minnesota Partnership for Action Against Tobacco - Minnesota ONLY
Set in a crowded sports bar, a man lights up a cigarette and exhales a cloud of smoke. It causes oxygen masks drop from the ceiling in front of each bar patron. Much as a commercial airline flight attendant would, a voice instructs the patrons on how to use the masks to protect themselves from secondhand smoke toxins that are filling the room. Tagline: "Secondhand smoke - No one should have to breathe it."

Safeway- PreGame
pregame (LA/CALI)
Ad Agency: Dailey & Associates/LA
By MOO Studios (
Director: Erik Bertellotti
An effects-driven, 5-spot Super Bowl Scratch & Win campaign for the supermarket chain builds momentum for a million-dollar giveaway. The ads more visual effects-oriented than most of the advertisers previous outings. The spots roll-out pre-game, and look for a 3D-animated colossal Jumbotron among other spectacles. A noted motion graphics designer, Bertellotti has worked on previous Super Bowl spots, including last year's Cadillac and Ciba entries, but this marks his game day directorial debut.

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