SURE ActivResponse cause of Courtney Love going missing

I had to laugh when I read at Brandsuicide about the SURE active response online ad that appeared on top of a story about Courtney Love going missing. The ads formatting prevents anyone from seeing the photo of Courtney, so missing she is indeed.

Brandsuicide blogs about how "major brands savage the online experience by using intrusive ad formats", an easy target, but also great fodder for comedy. Rating this creative 'bad but actually good' with the reasoning: "Either way, when the sound comes on (automatically) and you are in the office (reading about the AWOL Courtney Love rather than doing Real Work) you start to sweat like a bastard. Of course you do. 'How do I turn this fucker off?' Then it is off to the local SURE stockist to take care of your B.O. "

While I'm posting, does anyone out there not hate these online ads?

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