Svanberg BP boss "small people" gaffe hijacked for Berlitz language ad spoof

The soundbite where BP boss Svanberg says the by now famous line "Because he cares about the small people, and we care about the small people" (or rather "Bekås he kares, abot de small piple, and ve kare abot de small piple") has been hijacked for a spoof Berlitz ad. File under "obvious" and "ha ha ha".

What Svanberg is saying is a direct translation of a Swedish idiom: "den lilla människan", literally "the small man". It means "the common man" in the sense of "average citizen" in Swedish. If someone needs a Berlitz language course, it's this guy.

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  • PollyEster's picture

    He really needs to learn (better) english. His new woman was earlier the Director for EF Education in USA (and she lives in the US) English for Swedish students. Maybe she can suggest a class for him.

    Jun 17, 2010