Is "The sweetest taboo" breaking one?


Is "The sweetest taboo" breaking one?


Author Carole Matthews has written "A Whiff of a Scandal" and recently released "The Sweetest Taboo", the latter book contains sponsored text advertising for Ford Fiesta. Ford has paid Carole to include Ford Fiestas in her next novel as well. This isn't a brand new move, as you might already know Fay Weldon was paid by Bulgari to include their name in on of her novels, she did with pazazz when she named the book "The Bulgari connection".

Apart from the fiestas in Caroles novels, se also been commisioned to write short stories about the car that Ford will use in their advertising.


hmm... this seems to be the next logical step, doesn't it?
after product placement on tv... why not?
or take "jennifer government". nike is the corporation in this book, where all the story is about.
mkay, they're not looking godd in this novel. but, even bad publicity is (at least) publicity)

Now this novelist can also title herself copywriter like all the other novelist/CW's on brand-payroll ;)

so if Ralph Nader got his way where would the disclaimer go? The back cover? The pages that contain mention of the car?

funny (good) point! ;)

Sure enough when we read stories and find elements that are familiar to us, it draws us in farther. We all like to read and say "oh yeah I know that" or "we have one of those". So it makes sense to generate some income from sponsers when you are going to use thier product lines. We sale space on bill boards, tv, newspapers and even on the side of a barn. Why not in stories too!

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