Switch to a better campaign - says Gates


Switch to a better campaign - says Gates


When the switch campaign launched it was only a matter of time for the spoofs to appear. Though the best spoof, might have been stoned Ellen Feiss who's dad's PC just ate her paper.... bummer...

No rest for the wicked, Macboy muses on a possible switch ad with Bill Gates. "I mean, my life's been nothing but trouble since I started microsoft".

At the acadamy awards this year, lets see Ellen win for her fantastic rendition of what a PC eating a paper sounds like: "beepebepebeep"


Another switch - this one quite anti-mac and done in ugly bad quality anti mac switch

More Switch spoofs - I found these via this post at Milkandcookies

the Women are Crazy Switch - so instead switch to men, and; the Men are Pigs Switch - girls on girls..

hmm, that link above has died. Oh well.

another switch - Crash Different very long, and edited on a mac no less. ;)

and here's Switch to old English spoofs.

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