Taco Bell - Will Writers Guild of America (WGA) write for food?


Taco Bell - Will Writers Guild of America (WGA) write for food?

Ho-kay, Taco Bell's saucyscribe competition is "only open to current members of the Writers Guild of America (WGA)" and the winner who jots down a cute "sauce wisdom" not only gets to hone his craft of writing (gag!) but also free Taco Bell food (double gag!) - in the form of one $5 Taco Bell gift check per week for 52 weeks, redeemable at participating Taco Bell® locations). Approximate retail value of each prize is $260.00.

This is so backward. Taco Bell probably in all honesty just created this game meaning to show support for the striking writers. But listen, games where creatives of any kind (photographers, designers, writers, art directors etc) give away the craft that they would normally get paid to do, for the remote possibility of maybe perhaps winning something trivial are a big fat insult to our professions to begin with. Cut it the fuck out. This one is simply twice as insulting as it's going on as support to a strike, which is about the pay all creatives have a hard time getting in the first place (because youknow, being creative isn't really a job).

The backlash has begun, of course and MetroBlogging Los Angeles notes Taco Bell offer STILL better than AMPTP's

Edit: Fast food maven dropped us a line that they wrote about this here Taco Bell seeks saucy slogans from striking Hollywood writers last week, and to let us know that they're soon doing a followup, as soon as Taco Bell responds to their questions.



Does the writer get a residual payment for every sauce packet that Taco Bell prints the winning "sauce wisdom" on?

It's insensitive and ignorant, but would we expect anything else from a fast food giant?

(P.S 'cut it the fuck out' is swearing worthy of a scouser and my new favourite phrase)

Heh, sorry about the cursing but it got me all hot and bothered in the bad way. Would be honored to be a Liverpudlian.

We'd be honoured to have you. But first, you'll have to learn to insert expletives into the middle of another word. That's what we call cursing.

You Liverfuckingpudlian's are weird.

What a horrible idea.

The genious who came up with this needs to be dipped in Hot Sauce.


That may be the problem. Too much hot sauce will fry your brain.

And I though the WGA was striking for more than just food on the table. Or the crumbs that are left there...

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