Taco Del Mar and Wexley School for Girls go shrimpsurfing

The lovingly hipster-branded Taco del mar tapped Seattle-based advertising agency Wexley School for Girls to launch their new Shrimp Tostada.

The idea is to make you laugh, as "the only thing Taco Del Mar takes too seriously is their food and their customers."

“We are excited about these spots," says Ian Cohen, Executive Creative Director of Wexley School for Girls. "Taco Del Mar is all about bringing the best Baja style Mexican Food to the world and what better way to tout the Baja than with a surfer."

"Of course our surfer also reflects the fun and quirky aspect of the brand too," says Cohen. "So all in all we hope people grasp the fun of the spots and head to Taco Del Mar for a Tostada."

The spots center around a longboard surfer who can't stop talking about Taco del mar's Shrimp Tostada, on a stage with dolphins and a colorful wave. It can be charmingly quirky, like the dolphins. It can also be "please drop that edit, it doesn't work" like dolphins 3. It can be odd, like dolphins 2.

Taco del mar - Shrimp Tostada - Dolphins

...and it can sometimes veer a little too close to community college acting troupe for comfort. Then again so did the Popchips Ashton Kutcher ads and they were stereotypist+racist to boot.

Taco del mar - Shrimp Tostada - Merchild

But the campaign trots bravely on, repeating the brand name and new product over an over surely will sell some Shrimp Tostadas whether this type of skit is to your liking or not. At least it's not the predictable bite-and-smile, price-quoting, lots of images of food type of ad which for all their naffness, actually move product.

Taco del mar - Shrimp Tostada - Bullhorn

Where's Dave?
Taco Del Mar - Shrimp Tostada / Snorkler

Wexley School for Girls is a Seattle-based marketing and ad agency who calls themselves a '"fan factory," creating and sustaining a lifetime of loyalty and attention among clients and consumers. Since partners and creative directors Ian Cohen and Cal McAllister founded Wexley School for Girls in 2003, Wexley has built a roster of national brands through a an integrated approach that spans traditional, digital, guerrilla, experiential and interactive. Big accounts include Ford, Nike, Wilson Tennis, Taco del Mar, Oberto Beef Jerky, University of Washington, Copper Mountain, Brooks Running, and Microsof

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  • kidsleepy's picture

    "When I say Shrimp, you say Tostada." That reminds me of "When I say Hillshire you say Farm." Go meat!

    May 20, 2012

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