Tag me baby! Adland now uses tags. All adgrunts can tag.


Tag me baby! Adland now uses tags. All adgrunts can tag.

Adland now has tags!

It was bound to happen, all the cool kids are doing it. Metafilter has tags, flickr has tags, technorati has tags, waferbaby has tags.... It's so hip that Wired wrote an article on tags. With the commercial archive busting at the seams, now with twenty-five thousand commercials, we think it's about time to start tagging them. Wanna find all the spots that take place in a wedding? Tags to the rescue.......

All Adgrunts can tag. So we need to agree on how to tag.
Nobody seems to tell people how to tag, since there are no rules really. But to make this useful here with twenty-five thousand ads with all sorts of scenarios, characters, ideas and even languages I think we should at least try to tag logically. This is how I see it, and I hope this makes sense to y'all.

Tag what is IN the ad because this is the stuff we can't search on. While the search function here can find things based on year, country, brand and category it can't tell us what is in the commercial itself. So tag cat , tattoo, streaker, bikini, alien, jesus, dancing, wedding and yes even babes.

Tag singular else we will end up with dogs and dog, cats kitties, kittens and cat etcetera. The exception to this rule seems to be "babes" as they seldom travel alone. Who knew.

Tag One Word! Two-word expressions like "kung fu" become two tags, "kung" and "fu". This makes no sense, please make such combinations one word only, like "KungFu".

Tag the execution, it's also useful to know if the ad contains animation, SPX (special effects), claymation etc.

Tag special interests when you encounter rare stuff in an ad try to figure out a one-word way of explaining it. giantess, monster, furries and celebrity are far more useful tags than "50-foot-woman" or "Joan Collins".

Proper words will get you far, while everyone understands "crossdressing" the tag transvestite works just as well, transexual is one step beyond old crossdressing, and homosexual sounds better than 'gay' which could be interpreted as happy. It's up to you though, while some think talkinganimal is fine, others will look for anthropomorphic.

Tag names if it is a director or animator that has many ads here (and you are a fan) by all means, start a tag for them. Like JoelVeitch or TonyKaye. If you are a big fan of an actor or actress by all means, tag their ads as well. Keep in mind that two separate words makes two separate Tags - so make their tag one-word like TonyKaye.

Do not tag product-type or product name! When we saw it was a Bud ad, we knew it was "beer" already. Don't tag "Target" ads target. The topics at adland already sort things into "drinks" and "Food" categories, the brand name is already in the posts title. Lets not waste tag space on this. Thanks.

Adland tag page is at http://adland.tv/tags/. Eventually all tags that only apply to a single ad will be filtered off this page, so by all means, try to tags several things with the same tag. :)

Where? To add or edit tags, just look underneath the comments of every commercial, that's where the tag-space is. :)

Tags are only as useful as you dear adgrunts, make them. Try to make them useful!

Hat tip to Hakank for hailing tags as the only clever solution to item-searches such as "wedding" in our vast archive, and kudos to our resident code guru cip for porting gregarius tagging system to adland.


Tags are limited to a maximum of 5 per post/ad?

Yup, I thought five would be sufficent. Do you think it's too few?

For most... yes, 5 is a bit restrictive specially since you ask people to tag that's in the ads. I would suggest keeping the limit at 10. Allows for better tagging methinks while not going too overboard.

Right! Ten it is then! Voila!
sounds good to me and fixed now.

I might be stating the obvious but it needs to be said. When I looked at the tag-page the other day every word had at least two items tagged with it. Today there are a bazillion words all with just one item connected to it. You who tag, try to use your carefully chosen words on several films, that would be the whole point of tagging.

Also, "bride" and "groom" seem extremly redundant when there is also "wedding" on the same film implying both. You sure you need ten tags kushwaha?

Sorry, I just realized that sounded all bossy like I knew it all, when I haven't really tagged anything yet.
So I figured, I'd help out and go tag some things. I changed a "Naked" to "nude" (so many nudes!) and a "Dogs" to "dog" and tried to find more films to tag with those single-tag words. It might even be more fun that way, like a game.
There has to be a bunch more films with "cubicle" out there c'mon and help me find them all! :)

Yep, that's how I do it too... That is look at a single-word tag and try and remember other films that it applies to that I can tag with it.

So I just tagged four more cubicles. ;)

Great, as if I didn't spend too much time here already. Now we have a tagging-game going on! This is addictive. Anyone find any other films with "riot" in it?

Just wondering...is there a difference in "Cat" vs "cat"? Or rather, does case matter?

It doesn't care about case, since the tag "cat" existed first it'll turn your "Cat" into a "cat". Obviously some tags will be more natural to write with Caps, like SPX and CGI or names like TonyKaye... It's a first tagged first served ruling going on. ;) Luvvin' that y'alll are suggesting things and making up games and getting involved - keep it comin' as the tags are for you. :) Great.

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