Taxfree coca-cola and Nestle?


Interesting to note is the large Multinationals march across the world and the advantages they might have in different markets. Did you know that Coca-Cola corporation, Crafts Food, Nestle, Unilever and other like them don't pay taxes in Denmark - despite flogging quite a lot of products in .dk?

Købmandsstandens Oplysningsbureau did some research and have estimated that the danish state loose between 14 - 21 billions DKR a year. Nestle has gained a massive market share in Denmark after buying up all the local ice-cream companies and "carpetbombing" advertising for their ice-creams. Enhedslisten - a political party located a little to the left - picture a green Labour - want to change the taxinglaws for such companies and hope to use the sudden boost in the danish state's economy to remove the mandatory VAT from ecologic products, such as milk and fruits, and build more youth housing in Denmark. Found via Local

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